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Who knew days could feel like months or more accurately years four years to be exact? Two weeks, 14 days, 336 minutes.

Basketball know Handball, if I’m honest I’d never really seen any kind of Handball, but wow!!!

Iceland and Hungry playing Handball

Iceland and Hungry playing Handball; Semi-finals

It’s a little thing known as the Olympic effect, everything looks better, brighter more amazing when it’s at the Olympics.

Only a few days left and I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster, so many highs and low.

But I’m going to miss more than the Mexican waves, the screams of excitement and crazy costumes, the one thing that nothing but the Olympics can bring; the World together.

It Unites the World under one City to celebrate, I hope even after we finish that this feeling of togetherness is not forgotten.

The Aquatics Center

Poems: ‘The letter: 2012’ and ‘Shudder’

The letter: 2012

I dreamt one day the world would end,

That this to me, this letter send:

I, done with life, though it seems wrong

I wish to cease my spinning song

So adieu, say I to life and love

And away I go like a soft white dove… 



Oft I have felt that cold hand

On this warm shoulder

Its depth doth reach me from another land

Dark with deeds untold, closer it crawls colder.

Shudder, it takes

and with it lays wake,

to sleep and dreams

As once touched,

one never screams.