Valentine’s Day Special


Travel through time












All I can say is will you be mine?

Put everything aside and let’s travel through time.

To distant lands with secrets untold

Where we’ll speak truths and become so old.

Let’s come together in a clashing of need

Grasp our hands so tightly we won’t feel them bleed.

Then we’ll separate and come together

And repeat this action for forever.

Poems: Need I tell you?

Need I tell you?

I need not tell you how much I love, for telling you (to utter it) would quantify it, it would mean I knew, owing it to it would render it finite.

I need not tell you how much I need you, for telling you would make it a want, a thing I could live without, owning to it would abate its necessity.

I need not tell you how honoured I am to have your affection, for telling you would make it disbelief, a thing I would second guess, owning to it would diminish its rightness.

I need not tell you, for you my love, already know.


I thought that as Valentines day is fast approaching, we would do will to raise our spirits and post some poems or letter about love.


My heart

I miss my heart it’s gone away, so far so far, I cannot say.

I miss my heart it’s gone to stay, so far so far, I cannot say.

I miss my heart, it’s gone its gone, so far so far, I do not know the way.

Love letters: Kalle-Anne


Your letters are imprinted upon my very soul; every word, even the placement of your lovely commas have my intent attention.

I carry them with me, even now that I have memorised it.

I must apologise for the length within which my response may soon set your mind at ease. I was only given your letters this very morning, they thought it imprudent we communicate so soon; even thinking on it gives me great casue of vexation.

How do I survive without you? I don’t. There is no living without love. There is no sleeping, there is nothing. I am glad you are able to eat, I too find such tasks mundane and distracting, given a chance I would simply sit and contemplate you.

Time is my enemy; she teases me constantly.

Be well my angel, for anything else is intolerable.

Your heart,


Love letters: Voltaire

My Sweetest Love,

I have yet to receive your letter that shall quiet the anxiety in my chest.

How do your days go? Are you well? You must be, lest my heart shall cease its rhythm.

Sleep is utterly unattainable. Though it seems impossible I think of you even more: your face haunts me, your laughter rings in my ears, your sweet smile.

Ah, your sweet smile.

My tasks scarce distract me, I begin to wonder how I ever chose to live my life without you, it must have been a miserable existence, my mind refuses to remember, for that I am most grateful.

You, you, you my love, I would say it was a want but you are my very self, it is a need that must not be ignored.

I impatiently wait the letter that may assure me that somewhere on this earth, you live and breathe and shine as you always do.

With my all,


Love Letters: Voltaire

My dearest Kalle-Anne,

I went to bed dreaming of you, I woke the same way.

My sleep was as expected uneasy; I did not have you by my side, since separating I have been unable to rest fully. I am uneasy.

My thoughts are constantly on what your every move may be; tell me what is it you do when we are parted?

I must confess: I struggle with the separation, I wander the halls, a soul in this body, I try to focus on my daily tasks, necessities such as eating take herculean efforts to complete. My only solace: time is an impatient master, it works with fury, we shall soon be reunited.

For now, my Kalle, my very self, my heart is with you



Love Letters

Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed reading The Inspectors Office, it’s one of my favorite pieces.

Now I do have another play I was going to show you all: it’s about Angels and will remind you all of a certain musical production I adore: Wicked! The musical, because its a play I wrote to be performed – a big performance! But seeing as it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d hold off for just a few days and instead post up some love letters.

With Love