Poem: Travel ♥

Travelling is a feast for the senses, a balm for the soul and a spark for creativity. Travel humbles and excites us and fills us with magic and awe. Never stop discovering. 🌍

Short Story: Galactic Confessionary part 5.2


“You are not afraid?” He asked curious, turning to the side, she had pulled a curtain across the partition, rightfully assuming that a glamour would never work on an Angel of his age.

“Should I be?” She whispered.

“Yes,” Seth said and he heard her heart rate jump.

“You know I will never give them up even if I knew where they were.” She said her voice impressively steady despite the rapid beat of her heart. “Your trip here was wasted.”

“O,” Seth said softly, “it was not, Guardian Angel Zachary and his Rubarian consort Ka’ya are inconsequential, you are who I came for half-breed.”

Seth felt the flurry of her thoughts against his mind, but they still remained indecipherable.

There were a few moments of silence, where Seth tried to read her thoughts again and the confessionary took deep even breaths.

“I will go willingly; you don’t have to harm my friends.” She said firmly.

Surprised at her easy compliance Seth stood up and walked out of the booth.

When she turned to face him, Seth took a step back; she gave him a perplexed look and glanced down where he was gripping his sword. He let the blade go as he quickly recovered his composure.

“Your name?” He said unbelieving of what he was seeing.

“Shosana.” The half-breed stuttered.

Cassandra get in here,’ Seth thought quickly.

He felt Cassandra’s confusion but she obeyed his command. Cassandra ran in, poised for battle and skipped to a stop in front of Shosana. When he saw the look of absolute shock on Cassandra’s face when she glanced at the half-breed, he knew he could not allow the others to see her.

Higher Angel, is she? She looks like –

Stop, guard your thoughts, her mind is exceptionally strong.

Cassandra nodded slowly as she stared at Shosana with open fear.

Seth placed his hand on Shosana’s shoulder; she began to fall unconscious to the floor before he caught her.

“Seth,” Cassandra said still staring at Shosana, “Higher Angel is she?”

“Yes,” Seth said.

She’s the offspring of one of the nine original Archangels.

Commentary: New Stories

Hey, my people!
I’m sorry for the long hiatus, life sometimes get’s in the way of life, if you know what I mean.
Despite that, I have been writing a few stories and even a poem or two. I’ve just come back from Rome, so feeling very inspired.
Check back soon for a story that will be out of this Galaxy!

Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 7

Name: Felicity Tavana Monroe

Age: 32

Occupation: CEO of Textiles Inc

Evaluation: After nearly three months of therapy, Ms Monroe has come to accept that what she is doing is wrong, however she can’t seem to break things off with Mr Williams. Her company has recently undergone some expansion and she is considering moving countries to get away from Mr Williams.


The businesswoman

“You look nice today Luella.” Felicity says as she comes to sit on the couch, she is in her usual pinstripe suite, her hair and make-up flawless.

“Thank you Felicity.” Luella says calmly.

“I wish I could stop, I really do, I even booked my flight to our Chicago officers, I talked to a real estate agent, I wanted to move.” Felicity takes a shuddering breath, as tears fill her eyes. “I can’t do it, how can I live without love.”

“Even if, that love is from another woman’s husband?” Luella says softly.

“Do you think I don’t want to change?” Felicity says, voice rising. “Do you? Do you think I like being miserable?”

“No, I know you want to, desperately, but you are afraid of change, you are afraid you have missed your chance at happiness somewhere down the line because you choose success and know you have to settle for a half-life.”

“A half-life? That’s what you think I’m doing?” Felicity says shuddering; she takes a tissue from the table and dabs her face.

“Felicity –” Luella begins.

“Don’t,” Felicity chokes down a sob, “I didn’t know I was capable of love, I was the smart girl at school, I’m very good at what I do, so I didn’t know I could do anything else, but I can do this, I can love him with my whole being, with all of who I am.”

“What about your guilt over his wife, his little girl?”

Felicity is silent for a few moments as she continues to wipe her face.

“I can’t stop. I don’t want him to leave his wife, I…” She hesitates. “No one finds love, love finds you and it will never let you go.”

“That is true.” Luella says softly.

Felicity smiles, “You agree with me?”


“But you still think I should leave him?”

“It is the only way, you are more capable than you realise of loving someone, isn’t it only right only fair if that love is retuned equally?”

Felicity nods as she begins to softly cry.

Luella goes and sits beside her, placing a hand around her shoulders as she supplies her with tissues.

“I guess this is goodbye then?” Felicity says.

“No, this is I will see you later, tell me when you are settled.”


Good Evening,

I hope you enjoyed bumping into, it took me awhile to write because it is based true story and it was unfolding as I wrote it.

I think it’s really sweet when random people meet each other and end up getting together.

So when a girl or guy glances your way, smile you never know what might happen.

My next story is also partly based on a true story, I have three or four new personalities for you next.

Till then,


Bumping into you part 8


It had been almost two weeks since Farid had seen Andi, even though he had looked for her every day.

“Hey!” A voice said behind him.

Farid turned around in surprise.

“Where have you been hiding?”

Andi smiled her hands full of files, she seemed like she was about to fall over from the sheer weight of it.

“I have a new job.” She said a little breathlessly, still struggling with the files.

“Here let me help you.” He said bending to relieve some of her burden.

“So we probably won’t be bumping into each other anymore.” She said softly.

“That’s a shame I always enjoy our morning chats.” He paused as they stared at each other, “You know I owe you dinner” he said following her to her door.

“That’s okay, really fine.” She said breathlessly struggling to open her door.

“No I insist.” He said holding her gaze for a moment, “I’ll pick you up at eight on Friday.” He smiled as she nodded.

Bumping into you part 5


“I’m in Hammersmith, so I won’t be there –”

“Your closing the deal first?” Farid asked, trying to reign in his temper.

“I’m sorry okay, slip of mind?” Penny replied carelessly.

“Slip of mind? I’m locked out and that’s the best you can do?” He shook his head as he stared up at the pouring rain.

“Go to the bar down the road, the spread eagle, I have a tab there okay, I’m sorry I really have to go.” she clicked off the phone before he could reply.

Farid shook his head, and vowed to order the most expensive drinks on her tab; he turned and almost knocked someone over.

“Sorry” he said automatically, reaching to steady the small arms of his neighbour.

“It’s okay.” came her breathless voice from within the biggest umbrella he had ever seen.

“I’m surprised you can see from under that thing.” he said helping her close the umbrella which, seemed to be putting up a valiant effort to remain open.

She looked up at him and smiled. “I didn’t want my hair getting wet.” She said sheepishly.

He nodded and glanced up at the weather again, usually the idea of spending someone else’s money at a bar would have appealed but he was tired, having put long hours of work all week, all month maybe all year, he felt a little unsteady on his feet.

“Hmm?” he said to his neighbour. ‘I don’t even know her name’ he thought absently as he glanced down at his phone and contemplated going to one of his friends’ houses instead.

“I said you can hang out at my place until your fiancé gets here?” she phrased it like a question.

He looked up, “You don’t have to.” he said already glancing in the way of her apartment.

“It’s fine.” she said already walking towards her apartment.

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