Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 6

“How stupid do you think I am?” Sharlene said, her arms crossed, her expression bored.

“Look Shar, I’m really erm –”

Sharlene suddenly pushed the door forward with such force that all three boys suddenly fell back.

“O you look really sick.” Sharlene said sarcastically as she glanced at them all. She stepped over the threshold and closed the door behind her.

“Look I get it, parents out, so you’re having a party, I don’t care, but my parents start asking me questions if I go back home now, you guys can get back to whatever you were doing. I’ll hang out in the kitchen for an hour, everyone wins.”

“Actually, not everyone wins, we don’t want you here.” Jamal said. “So get moving Shiner.”

“Last I checked this was George’s house, George?” Sharlene said expectantly.

George sighed, he liked Sharlene he really did, but at times she didn’t help herself, no one really liked her at school, and even though she insisted that’s how she liked it, George knew she didn’t, he liked her, but he really needed Jamal’s help and he didn’t want to drag someone else into his criminal activities especially someone he liked.

“Look Shar, I do want you to stay but –”

“Then it’s settled, I’ll be in the kitchen.” She said before turning and walking towards the kitchen.

“I don’t like her.” Jamal said staring after Sharlene with a look of disgust.

“She’s not that bad.” George defended half-heartedly.

Jamal narrowed his eyes, then shrugged as they all walked towards the living room.

“Andrew, this butter looks disgusting, can you get rid of it, I would touch it but I don’t want to catch anything – o and George why is Miss Levy’s bag here?” Sharlene said from the kitchen.

All three boys stopped and looked at each other.

“Tell her to leave right now!” Jamal mouthed.

George, his heart racing looked up, just as Sharlene came into the hallway, holding Miss Levy’s black bag.

“How do you know whose bag that is?” Jamal said coolly.

Sharlene gave him a bored look. “Her initials genius,” she turned the bag around where the letters, EL were itched into the bag in gold. “Her first name is Elizabeth.”

Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher Part 2

“I like that pattern bit.” Drew praised.

“I can show you, where’s your laptop?” Jamal asked looking around.

George looked around in confusion. “I don’t know, I think I left it…”

George tried to remember where he had left his laptop, they moved into the living room, as he looked under his coat, then he remembered why his laptop was missing.

“I didn’t call you here to play?!” George exploded suddenly, and Jamal and Drew both jumped in surprise.

“What the hell George?!” Jamal complained nearly dropping his phone.

“The reason I called you here…” George hesitated as he glanced at Drew.

“You can trust me G.” Drew said nodding vigorously.

“No, I can’t! You couldn’t keep a secret to save your life.” George said.

“Yes I could, I so could! I didn’t tell you that Jamal kissed Tina yesterday!” Drew said proudly.

George and Jamal both sighed.

“O, oops, sorry Jamal, but I am good at keeping secrets, I kept my Mum’s secret about her handbag, o shoot, this is hard, but it’s only cause I’m thinking about it, if you tell me and I don’t think about it, I won’t tell, promise!” Drew said so quickly, that George wasn’t sure he had heard everything he had said.

“You’re so stupid sometimes Drew.” Jamal said giving Drew a look, before turning back to George. “I didn’t really kiss Tina, I know you like her.”

“Yeah right, and Drew knows how to keep secrets.” George said crossing his hands over his chest.

“All right whatever,” Jamal said rolling his eyes, “what’s this big secret then, that’s so huge! I was having a nice time at home playing.” Jamal said eyeing the TV.

Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher

George paced the length of the front door, waiting for his friends to arrive, he was nervous and jittery, and kept casting furtive glances to a door to his left, were his entire life had changed with one stupid mistake. He cursed himself again for his stupidity, and his eyes stung with unshed tears, but he couldn’t go back. A knock at the door startled him and he moved to the window in the living room to peer outside, confirming that it was his friend Jamal he raced back to the front door, and slowly opened the heavy wooden door.

“What’s all the big fuss G? This better be good!” Jamal said as he walked in.
George looked at Drew in disappear as he also walked in.

“I told you to come alone!” George complained as he closed the door, he put the chain on and locked the door, then double checked it was securely locked.

“Hey! I thought we were friends?!” Drew complained, distracted as he glanced in the direction of the kitchen.

George sighed and glared at Jamal, who looked unrepentant as he shrugged.

“So, what’s the big drama?” Jamal demanded, “I just built this fountain in Minecraft, why weren’t you on?”

“I was –” George began.

“You should have seen it George, the biggest fountain I had ever seen, it was gold and blue and purple, I saw it, Jamal invited me over.” Drew said smiling widely.

“Trust me G, it was cool, I spent like five hours building it.” Jamal said proudly, and he got out his phone.

George was momentarily distracted as he leaned towards Jamal, and saw a picture of a huge and admittedly impressive fountain.