Short Stories: Next Stop Olympics

The Interview

The Reporter

“I’m volunteering for the Olympics, I’m a Games Maker, I feel really honoured to be part of the Games, they’ve given us a uniform and everything I love it.”

“What event are you volunteering for?” Hazelle said with forced patience, this wasn’t the kind of interview she thought she would be doing when her boss said she would be covering the games, ripped Athletes and seven foot tall Basketball players to mind, not overzealous do-gooders.

“O Basketball, I guess cause I’m tall, and sometimes I play, of course I’m not as good the players” The girl giggled.

Seriously who giggles?’ Hazelle thought glancing back down at her questions, she had to wrap up.

The girl’s phone began to ring and she excused herself.

Hazelle sighed and made her way to the toilet, she wasn’t going all the way back to the reporters hut, just to use the toilet, she also didn’t want to see Kyle, he would no doubt be gloating about all the athletes he had interviewed.

“I can’t wait to see a certain someone” a voice said quietly.

Hazelle stilled, it was the giggly girl, except she didn’t sound so giggly and silly.

“Who?” another voice said.

Hazelle held her breath and took out her note book. ‘Now this is more like it!