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The inadequacy of change.

There is a recurring problem that ‘fans’ create by failing to grasp the very simple notion:

If an actor from any race/creed or colour is able to embody the traits and characteristics of a character in a book or a comic, then that actor should, in fact, be able to play that character even if the original character is not from the same race/creed or colour.

Yet it seems that ‘fans’ particularly those of nerd culture have been levelling hateful speech and racist slurs all in the guise of apparently staying true to the original version of the text.


Starfire / Anna Diop

African-American actress Anna Diop who is playing Starfire in the up-and-coming live action Teen Titans had to disable her comments on social media after ‘fans’ launched a racist and derogative tirade on her appearance. To clarify she is portraying an orange-skinned radioactive alien who can shoot energy from her hands, any actress playing her surely would have faced backlash for not looking like Starfire unless of course DC had the budget to first discover alien life then hire a real-life alien for the role. Alas, this isn’t why the ‘fans’ are angry as with the hate Kelly Marie Tran received, racism and more often than not sexism reared its ugly head again.

Kelly Marie Tran

Kelly Marie Tran

These vile attacks by these bigots can only be stopped by an increase in diversity. Some could say that these ‘fans’ can’t be blamed for reacting in anger and confusion over the inclusion of people of colour playing roles predominantly portrayed by white actors. They are not accustomed to seeing a person of colour playing a superhero, they are confused and surprised that people of colour can be nerds.

Change will always breed discontent especially from small-minded people who have always enjoyed seeing themselves reflected in the heroes they love. Nevertheless, the change that is taking place which has these ‘fans’ in uproar with the inclusion of not only actors of colour portraying superheroes but those from the LGBT community is inadequate, we need to see more representation, more writers, actors and illustrators who are people of colour and or from the LGBT community so that we can show these ‘fans’ that we are not here to destroy their childhood dreams we are merely here to add more.



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Short story: A Stranger


A stranger walks by – I follow him. He is a tall fellow with dark brown curly hair which he has grown carefully – the curls are yet to be called wild. Although he nods his head to the music he is listening to, he is setting a brisk pace, eager to get to where he is going – band practice, I assume from the guitar that he is carrying on his back. He must be musically inclined. I marvel at the pace he is setting with such a heavy load. He is late. Perhaps too much time was wasted getting that hair into place and that ‘I just threw it on’ look. A red and black chequered shirt opened and underneath a snugly fit black top, teamed with dark denim jeans and converses. He looks good, I admit, I notice a woman jogging by give him the ‘one-over’ as she passes him. I smile, the first time this week I realise, perhaps that’s why he doesn’t mind me following him, he likes the attention, and he has glanced back twice now. Maybe I should leave him; I don’t want him to take out a restraining order before he has even made it.



Shit – I’m going to be late for my guitar lesson. That is the last time I go on a club crawl with Duke, he knows how to have too much of a good time. I pick up the pace.

I glance back and notice a brown and black cat behind me, move faster. Slightly surprised, I pick up the pace. The cat moves faster. I must be really hangover, because it seems like the cat is following me. It’s staring at me with eyes that are too intelligent for a cat. I wonder if it has run away or is lost. I smile and shake my head at the direction my thoughts have taken – a cat, man I must still be drunk. No more pub or club crawls, okay maybe pubs. The cat moves closer, no pubs. It’s a beautiful cat, looks really expensive – I glance back again still smiling, A young woman is behind me, the cat is no where to be seen.