Short Story: Galactic Confessionary part 4 ⅔

Yin and Yang

“Have you…have you come to tell your story?” She asked uncertainly, “you know what I am?”

“Yes, and I also know who you are, a woman who keeps her identity a secret even from friends, fear not, your secrets are still your own to tell, should you ever feel a need.” He paused as he heard her exhale, “shall I begin?”

“Are you sure about this?” She asked genuinely concerned.

Zachary smiled. “Yes, and even if I was not, your presence alone would compel the truth from my lips.” He felt her confusion and conscious of the fact that she had probably never met or even spoken to another angel before he elaborated. “All angels have similar abilities, healing, speed, and strength but there are a gifted few who have more, such as yourself, you can compel the truth from people with your mere presence alone. Not everyone who walks through these doors always has the intention of telling you the truth, like the Ganzarian, their keen instincts is not an ability many Ganzarian admit to.”

“I…erm, I did not know this.” She said on a shaky voice.

“Now you do,” he said softly.

Zachary cleared his throat.

“My name,” he began at a normal volume in the universal language, “I am an angel, yes, I hear some of you ask, it is me, the angel that has fallen, swiftly, steeply into love with a being that is not of my kind,” Zachary paused again, he could hear the elevated heartbeats of the six members of staff that worked at the confessionary and he wondered if he should continue.

“I did not mean to, what I mean to say is that I did not purposely fall. I felt, like all angels do, myself immune to such mortal emotions. I had several hundred charges I looked after, good mortals for the most part, it was my job. Of course I had favourites, mortals I would spend more time with, talk to even, but I reasoned that a few of them had no one else to listen to their sorrow, and it worked once unburdened it made it easier for them to make friends of their own kind. But,” Zachary paused as he smiled remembering the surprise and even discontent he had felt when he realised what had happened, “I did not realise my heart had been keeping secrets, that it had singled out one of these mortals I called my favourites and had chosen her to be the object of my very existence.”


Short Story: Galactic Confessionary part 4

Yin and Yang

Zachary had been sat in the booth for almost an hour. Outside the confessionary was exceptionally usually busy with people picketing that the confessionary give up the location of the unknown woman who had sought to consort with an angel. Despite the angels not formally or officially coming out to confirm anything, the people in the surrounding galaxies had rallied. Nothing brought people together like a good witch hunt.

Zachary had paid for almost five hours. The man at the front had almost dropped the Heavian jewels Zachary had dropped onto his lap, unbelieving that he held one of the most precious jewels in the known galaxies.

Zachary straightened in the surprisingly comfy seat when he heard her approach, the being that by stepping forward could ruin everything the higher angels had always preached. But Zachary hadn’t come here to drag her into the limelight she so stoutly avoided. He had come to confess.

“Good Morning,” the voice said in the universal language, her tone pleasant and unintentionally compelling.

How anyone after having head her voice could believe her to be anything but an angel was beyond him. Yet he was still amazed anew that she even existed.

“Good Morning,” Zachary responded in the universal language, then added in a lower tone so only her ears would hear; “it is nice to finally meet you.”

She sucked in a breath and Zachary felt himself being stared at intently through the partition.

“So it is true,” she whispered.

“It is indeed,” he said slowly, and hesitated; once he spoke out loud the truth the higher angels would be here in a matter of moments closely followed by every vigilante, good Samaritan and concerned citizen. But he was ready for every eventuality, it was the reason he had come so early, to step up a small telepad inside the booth, he would teleport directly out of the booth and into Haven itself.

Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Eleven

Jared was really going to miss this connection. The feeling of being connected to everything was addictive, and if was really going to stop using his powers after this, he was going to have to go cold turkey. The connection was never really severed, so when he wanted to connect, it was barely a thought in his mind.
Tanisha’s laptop was already at the forefront of his mind.

Jared could hear Jade breathing beside him, she wasn’t happy and didn’t even look vindictive, just determined, that more than anything assured his conscious that they were doing the right thing.

Tanisha was on her Facebook, uploading a selfie she had just taken.

“She’s pretty.” Jade said surprised.

Jared raised his eyebrow.

She shrugged. “I can’t understand why she is jealous.”

“It’s not just about looks, Salma is popular, that’s why Tanisha hates her.”

“So because of that Tanisha thinks Salma should kill herself?” Jade said looking at the picture Tanisha was still uploading with disgust.

“Teach her a lesson.” Jade said, narrowing her eyes.

Jared took control of Tanisha’s laptop with an ease that both; thrilled and terrified him. He pulled up the pictures Jade had taken of Salma at the hospital whiles he cancelled Tanisha’s upload. He then bombarded Tanisha’s laptop with the images; he turned on her webcam, and placed it on a separate monitor. They watched her as she jumped back.
Jared kept the stream up, as Tanisha tried to turn off her laptop, but Jared bypassed the command easily. Tanisha backed up, her face so fearful that Jared felt a twinge of regret. But before he felt too bad, he began typing.

Salma Sinclair, 12 years old, on suicide watch because of your words.

Do you want to be a murderer?

Tanisha Parson’s?

Do you want to be a murderer?

Stop writing hate. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything!

Jared bombarded her with more pictures.

Tanisha had backed up to the wall, staring at the screen in horror.

Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Six

“Was that you Jared?” Jade said slowly, walking into his room.

Jared looked up from his laptop.

“Was it?” She said again, hands on her hips, she was wearing her customary ripped jeans, and black top.

“I didn’t mean to.” He said quietly.

Jade blinked a few times. “Wow, that was on the news.”

“I didn’t mean to do it.” He said in a rush, when he saw the look on her face.

“Did you find him?” Jade said.

Jared shook his head. “No, I…I haven’t used my ability in a long time, I was just trying to get used to it, and…well someone was in trouble.”

“J, you’re not supposed to –” She began.

“I know! Don’t you think I know how dangerous what I can do is?” He said folding his arms, he had been really worried about everyone affected by the blackout he had caused yesterday, but he had been more worried about George, who thankfully hadn’t been found.

“I’m sorry, you feel like you can’t do something you’re supposed to. It’s like me, I can draw, and if someone told me I couldn’t draw because it was too dangerous, I don’t know if I could stop.” Jade said, sitting down in her favourite spot, on the floor near his radiator.

“Well I have to, when I’m in, I see so many things, and I can’t help but help.” Jared paused. “I just wish I could control it. I’ll find him, I promise, then I’ll stop, I have to.” He looked over at her.

“One day, you’ll find control, I know it. Gifts are supposed to be used, and you always use yours for good.” Jade said.

Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost

Jared loved his step-sister: Jade, she was one of his favourite people in the world, so when she came to him with tears in her eyes because her best friend had tried to kill himself due to cyber bullying, he was feeling a little vengeful towards the person who had dared not only to make his sister shed tears but had also managed to make her best friend Salma feel so bad about herself that she had considered suicide.

“There just such cowards!” Jade said wiping her eyes quickly and taking a ragged breath in, she was sat on his bedroom floor, her feet folded, cradling her phone in her hands. “Salma is my best friend.”

“I know Jade, don’t worry the Doctors at the hospital will help her.” Jared said soothingly. He was sat behind his desk trying to convince himself not to do what he had sworn he would never do again.

Jade sniffled. “What do Doctors know anyway J? Nothing! Everyone at school is talking about it.” Jade said miserably.

“Your only in year eight, everyone will forget by year nine trust me, teenagers have very short memories.” Jared said turning around to look at his sister; her eyes were red rimmed and her curly hair looked like it hadn’t been combed in a week, her jeans where torn and ripped and the top she was wearing had several holes in it. She looked very scruffy sitting in his emulate, clean room.

“Please do something J!” She pleaded. “Only you can do something.”

Jared turned away from her. “You know I can’t, remember the incident?” He said quietly.

He heard a sharp intake of breath and she was silent for a long time. “I still want you to do something.” She said quietly.

Jared turned to her, he met her brown eyes and she nodded.
“Okay, I’ll do something.” Jared said quietly.