Poems: #NationalPoetryDay

Prayer to Death

We ask for more time, we do not want forever,
We look to you and say; never say never.

We’ll try to be happy and full of joy,
To look upon each day like a brand new toy.

Through the loses and the pain,
We’ll treat experiences like a gain.

So give us an hour, a minute or a second,
So we can say goodbye when death finally beckons.

Poems: ‘My Love’ and ‘Hayte’

My Love

My love

You are loved by me

O how much I love thee!

Love me two

For I think of you

When you  think of love

Do you think of me?

Like I think of thee

Or is it just me?

My love

You are loved by thee

Please think of me



I hayte love

Love always says and never does

Always spoken, never heard

Always seen but forgotten

I hayte love.

Love always blinds and never sees

Always argues, never agrees

Always fleeting, never lasting

I hayte love

For (my) love haytes me