Article for Legacy events

Hello and Happy New Year everyone.

I will be posting much more and as a testament to this please pop over to legacy events who kindly asked me to write an article for them about inspirational pro-black role-models.



Commentary: Hello 2015!

Good Afternoon,

New Year, generally means a new start, a chance for the slate to be wiped clean, Tabula Rasa.
I have so many ideas for this new year, so many dreams, so much to do! True I had these dreams last year, maybe even the year before, but this is the year when they will be realised, how do I know this will be the year, I don’t, I’m just going to try as hard as humanly possible so by the end of the year I will feel content with what I have achieved. Not happy but content: satisfied with what one has, not wanting more or anything else. I just want to be content.

I will be posting very soon!
Happy New Year!