The inadequacy of change.

There is a recurring problem that ‘fans’ create by failing to grasp the very simple notion:

If an actor from any race/creed or colour is able to embody the traits and characteristics of a character in a book or a comic, then that actor should, in fact, be able to play that character even if the original character is not from the same race/creed or colour.

Yet it seems that ‘fans’ particularly those of nerd culture have been levelling hateful speech and racist slurs all in the guise of apparently staying true to the original version of the text.


Starfire / Anna Diop

African-American actress Anna Diop who is playing Starfire in the up-and-coming live action Teen Titans had to disable her comments on social media after ‘fans’ launched a racist and derogative tirade on her appearance. To clarify she is portraying an orange-skinned radioactive alien who can shoot energy from her hands, any actress playing her surely would have faced backlash for not looking like Starfire unless of course DC had the budget to first discover alien life then hire a real-life alien for the role. Alas, this isn’t why the ‘fans’ are angry as with the hate Kelly Marie Tran received, racism and more often than not sexism reared its ugly head again.

Kelly Marie Tran

Kelly Marie Tran

These vile attacks by these bigots can only be stopped by an increase in diversity. Some could say that these ‘fans’ can’t be blamed for reacting in anger and confusion over the inclusion of people of colour playing roles predominantly portrayed by white actors. They are not accustomed to seeing a person of colour playing a superhero, they are confused and surprised that people of colour can be nerds.

Change will always breed discontent especially from small-minded people who have always enjoyed seeing themselves reflected in the heroes they love. Nevertheless, the change that is taking place which has these ‘fans’ in uproar with the inclusion of not only actors of colour portraying superheroes but those from the LGBT community is inadequate, we need to see more representation, more writers, actors and illustrators who are people of colour and or from the LGBT community so that we can show these ‘fans’ that we are not here to destroy their childhood dreams we are merely here to add more.



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Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Seven

Jared hadn’t been on his laptop in almost three days, it felt like an eternity, but he was afraid, afraid he might do something stupid. He had been looking out for George, walking past his house, but he seemed fine. The police weren’t breaking down his door, and George seemed to be lying low, hopefully his vigilante days were over.

Jared slowly made his way downstairs to his lair, he hesitated as he sat behind his desk; he ran a finger across his keyboard. ‘Gifts are supposed to be used.’ He remembered his sister saying, but what about gifts that where dangerous. But what made them dangerous? His powers weren’t intrinsically bad, but the potential was there, so much potential to do bad, that it scared him, and how could he control something that scared him? But he owed it to his sister, he owed it to Salma.

Jared closed his eyes and pressed down on the power key, the connections rushed towards him, before his laptop had even fully powered up. Jared sighed, how would he ever live without the connection once he finished this task? Jared coasted along with the connections; so much life was happening in cyber space, Skype messages, e-mails, messengers, chat-rooms, streaming of various music, films and games. Browsing, endless browsing. But he couldn’t stop, even though it would be so easy to get side-tracked, to become absorbed in other people’s lives especially when they put it out there so freely. Jared opened his eyes, but he could still feel the connection, humming at the back of his head, waiting for him like a ghost in the night, he could sense several things his brain was flagging up for his attention, but he needed to focus.

Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost part three

It looked like multi-coloured strobe lights, dancing behind his eyelids.

“So many colours.” Jared breathed softly.

Jared followed the connections, the vast connections, there was so many, almost too many. Too much data, too much everything, so many people were on electronic devices right now, and Jared could see it all. He was connected to them all, everything about these people was his to command to exploit. It was overwhelming him, Jared tried to resist, he tried to block all the data crashing into him.

Jared broke the connection, he pushed himself away from the desk, as he coughed and sputtered. It was too much, he had forgotten how much data there was out there, far too much, things just didn’t get deleted, they got re-routed, hidden, locked away. But they were always there, cyber space was a hoarder, it didn’t like to throw anything away.

Jared took a deep breath; he shouldn’t try and fight the data; that was his mistake. Jared reached for the connection again, the data hit him like a wrecking ball, but he didn’t fight it, he let it him flow through him. He felt himself relax, as another connection headed towards him; it was one of his neighbours, she was transferring a large sum of money to her son who was at University in Leeds. Another connection, someone buying a large amount of chocolate bars, another connection someone illegally downloading music, another connection someone trying to hack into the police database, another connection someone streaming a movie, another connection.

Wait!’ Jared thought, he tried to go back, he had to stop the person hacking into the police database, it was difficult, more connections where heading his way, he couldn’t go back, he blinked, he was growing dizzy from the various colours. Jared tried to look back, the connections resisted, Jared tried a new tack, he flowed backwards. ‘There!’ He thought, spotting the connection.