Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 6

Name: Valery Asante

Occupation: Student

Age: 15

Evaluation: Since our last session, Miss Asante has been very healthy, she is excelling in school, according to her teachers Valery is ahead in all her studies, her form tutor suggests that we put her up a year. Her Doctors have reported that Valery has been taking all of her medication regularly.

The patient

“You are looking very well Valery.” Luella comments as Valery makes her way to the coach, she is wearing her school uniform, which has been ironed to perfection.

“Thank you, Doctor erm… Miss Lee.” Valery trails off looking a little uncomfortable.

“You can call me Luella if you like, I hear you are top of your class.”

Valery nods.

“How are you enjoying school? Everything you imagined?” Luella says patiently.

Valery nods again.

“Your teachers tell me they are considering placing you in the year above, would you like that?”

Valery shrugs.

“Valery, this isn’t going to be one of those sessions is it?” Luella says voice patient as ever.

Valery meets Luella gaze, her face perplexed. “What sessions Doctor?”

“You know what I mean.” Luella says firmly.

“I like school.” Valery says softly, she hesitates as she looks down at the floor. “It is more, much more than I imagined, I feel normal when I am there, even though I don’t talk to anyone, even that can be normal.”

“Is this why you are taking your medication regularly?”

Valery nods, then hesitates. “I want…” She shakes her head then stops.

“What? You want something? You see a future?”

Valery turns sharply to Luella and nods. “Yes, I am thinking ahead.” She admits quietly.

“That’s great Valery.” Luella says with feeling.

Valery smiles hesitantly and nods.