Extracts from the heart

“Still my heart was steadfast in its want of her, courting disaster, which has led me into this situation.”

“What’s strange is my heart would heed no warning, unfazed by differences in culture, race or even distance. No, my heart wanted her, it always wanted her.” Malacey to Isaiah, conversing in Roma, Italy.

Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 4

Name: Felicity Tavana Monroe

Age: 32

Occupation: CEO of Textiles Inc

Evaluation: After our last session, Miss Monroe has promised to once and for all break things off with Mr Williams. She wants to make sure she is single in time for the new year, for a ‘fresh new start’. Miss Monroe’s company has recently seen an increase in profits and she is considering taking a holiday as a reward for ending her affair.

The businesswoman

“So I take it, you haven’t broken off ties with him?”

“Is that judgment in your voice?” Felicity laughs gaily, throwing her head back; her dark hair which is usually tied up, is lose today and she shakes it around as she laughs. “My, my Doctor, I am paying you not to judge me, you can sit and listen to me complain, but you must never judge me.”

Felicity continues to laugh as Luella stares at her indifferently.

“You are quite casually dressed today –”

“I was wondering when you would mention it.” Felicity laughs again, gets up and spins, the flowery dress she is wearing whirls around her, briefly revealing her underwear.

“I’m sorry,” she sits down abruptly her expression suddenly grave. “I’ll behave, I’ve just, I’m happy, it is so rare, such a rare thing to be truly happy, so happy I’m a little afraid.”

“What has made you happy?”

“You know,” Felicity says softly meeting Luella’s eyes.

“Mr Williams.”

Felicity nods, “He is the only person who can truly make me sing.” She pauses for a moment, “I can’t leave him, I know that now, it is impossible –”

“Felicity –”

“No, no don’t interrupt me; I have had a moment of clarity. I will not leave the one I love. I can’t and even if I could I can’t.”

Luella sighs as Felicity continues to stare at her defiantly.

“Felicity, what did you tell me when you first came to me?”

“Tell me Doctor have you ever been in love?”

Luella hesitates as Felicity moves closer her eyes imploring.

“Level with me please, just this once.”

Luella nods slowly.

“Then you know what I mean. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs it should be love at the top. Should it not?” She pauses and smiles. “After love everything else is extra frosting.”

Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 2

Name: Gregory George James

Age: 22

Occupation: Unemployed/ Currently volunteering at a charity shop.

Evaluation: Mr James has recently been taken out of Saint Mungo’s Hospital for the mentally unstable and insane. Mr James witnessed a horrific scene when he was thirteen years old: both parents committed a double suicide by shooting each other; Mr James blames himself for not being able to stop them. Mr James was found cradling his little sister who he had assumed had died but was later able to be revived at hospital. Mr James was committed shortly after witnessing the death of his parents, his sister went into foster care, she was only six at the time of her parent’s death. Mr James has finally been allowed to leave the facility provided he attends therapy twice a week, a fact he finds infuriating. Mr James has yet to make physical contact with his sister who he remained in contact with during his stay at the institute.

The prisoner

“We both know why I’m here, there’s no reason to pretend I enjoy it, I must sit here and be subjected to your questions for two hours, I stay out of that place you get paid everybody is happy.”

“Have you thought about what I said last week? About your sister?”

Mr James remains silent, and continues to stare at the ceiling.

“Why do you think it’s hard for you to communicate with her know that you’re out?”

Mr James is still silent.

“George she doesn’t blame you.” Luella says softly.

He turns to her sharply; “Do you think I? I don’t blame myself? I have never – I wasn’t responsible!” Mr James begins to start shaking.

Luella calls for the security, James is on the floor having a full fit. Luella administers a sedative. Mr James is taken back into the hospital for overnight observation.

Bumping into you part 5


“I’m in Hammersmith, so I won’t be there –”

“Your closing the deal first?” Farid asked, trying to reign in his temper.

“I’m sorry okay, slip of mind?” Penny replied carelessly.

“Slip of mind? I’m locked out and that’s the best you can do?” He shook his head as he stared up at the pouring rain.

“Go to the bar down the road, the spread eagle, I have a tab there okay, I’m sorry I really have to go.” she clicked off the phone before he could reply.

Farid shook his head, and vowed to order the most expensive drinks on her tab; he turned and almost knocked someone over.

“Sorry” he said automatically, reaching to steady the small arms of his neighbour.

“It’s okay.” came her breathless voice from within the biggest umbrella he had ever seen.

“I’m surprised you can see from under that thing.” he said helping her close the umbrella which, seemed to be putting up a valiant effort to remain open.

She looked up at him and smiled. “I didn’t want my hair getting wet.” She said sheepishly.

He nodded and glanced up at the weather again, usually the idea of spending someone else’s money at a bar would have appealed but he was tired, having put long hours of work all week, all month maybe all year, he felt a little unsteady on his feet.

“Hmm?” he said to his neighbour. ‘I don’t even know her name’ he thought absently as he glanced down at his phone and contemplated going to one of his friends’ houses instead.

“I said you can hang out at my place until your fiancé gets here?” she phrased it like a question.

He looked up, “You don’t have to.” he said already glancing in the way of her apartment.

“It’s fine.” she said already walking towards her apartment.

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Bumping into you part 3


“Aren’t you ready to sell this place yet Farei?”

Farid shook his head, “Call me sentimental, I love the cramped conditions” Farid laughed as he imagined the look on Penny’s face.

“Well I’m coming over anyway, be there in ten babe”

“Okay” Farid looked up just in time to see the beautiful face almost hidden amongst messy curly brown hair so dark it looked black, she was rifling around in her bag, no doubt searching for her keys.

It would help if she put her keys in a particular place’ he thought as he watched her, she wasn’t overtly attractive like Penny, but there was an innocent trustworthiness in her face that attracted him, he really didn’t understand it.

“Lost your keys again?” He called out impulsively, she looked up; her deep brown eyes surprising him with their depth, she smiled hesitantly; then very slowly nodded.

“Just found them” she said softly, waving her keys around.


I thought that as Valentines day is fast approaching, we would do will to raise our spirits and post some poems or letter about love.


My heart

I miss my heart it’s gone away, so far so far, I cannot say.

I miss my heart it’s gone to stay, so far so far, I cannot say.

I miss my heart, it’s gone its gone, so far so far, I do not know the way.

Poems: Love spoke but hate replied

Love spoke but hate replied

Love said: 

Said I one day to my dear loved one

As we two sat under the warm sun;


I want to write a song for love

To show you that loves fair and kind

Don’t question who it’ll just be us two


Said he: Love is love and what is that?

So I replied; Come with me we’ll chit and chat


Love is light and pleasing

At times you’ll find a little teasing


Love will always win out

Don’t you see that’s what it’s all about


‘And our love is right, so very strong

That’s why it can never ever, be wrong


I love love, as you can see

And my love loves me

So let me write a song for love

To show you that love

Well that’s all it’s about.


Hate replied:

Said I one day to the looking glass

As I sat, I recalled the loves once pass


I want to write a song for love

To show love that it’s neither fair nor kind

Some will say I am out of my mind


So I got out my paper and pen

To write a note to all of men


Love isn’t at all pleasing

Just an array of pranks and lots of teasing

I heard love wins out

From where I sit I truly doubt


They said my love was too strong

Was that why, said he that it was so wrong?


I hate love as I’m sure you can see

And love has always hated me

So let me write a song for love

To show love that

Well thanks but that’s not what I’m about.

Poems: Villanelle: That Loving Wretch

That Loving Wretch

My heart would have its way

It picks and chooses

It’s insensible to all I say


My head will keep away

But the heart would have its muses

It simply wants its way


My heart will not sway

My head, it clearly loses

The heart is insensible to all I say


I want some other, but he won’t stay

As the heart, it refuses

It only wants its way


All night all day, I plead, I pray

My heart will have no excuses

It’s insensible to all I say


Maybe some day

My heart will say; okay

But for now, my heart would have its way

It’s truly insensible to all I say.

Plays: The Angel’s Choice; Act 1 Scene 2 con’t

Salathiel: What excuse did you tell them this time – to get you out of the house?

Eleanor: O Sal – I did not have to tell a falsehood this time – you where right – the truth is quite alright – I must start using it more often (she chuckles – she has a high girlish laughter which matches her sweet childlike voice). I simply told them that you and I are having a little picnic in the garden and they agreed.

Salathiel: Though your parents are used to your falsehoods I am not – what else happened I always know when you are keeping something from me. It is okay I am quite sure I can take it, but only quite so be swift – I had an eventful first day at school.

(She picks up a cake and starts eating it – she tilts her head to one side as she watches Eleanor)

Eleanor(Spoken rapidlyWell they erm – they told me to be careful – Emma Middleton of Mir-marsh told her mother that you where telling all the girls they could think for themselves. And that life as we know it shall change and such scandalous things. But of course I told her that you would never say such falsehoods. I told her; (puts on innocent high voice makes her eyes large and fans herself quite dramatically) ‘Mother Emma lies more than I do, she does it for her father’s affection – he is never home you see’ – she was quite astounded by that – my mother doesn’t really like Mrs. Middleton very much anyway, she says she is half French. If you can believe that! But anyway I can stay with you out in the open. I am so glad you are back. I am pleased mother finally let us use this garden the house is rather restricting – I can only converse to you in code – When I am with you I prefer to be free – it is the only way to be.

Salathiel: I am glad partly – to be back. I have missed you – but Eleanor – surely you believe that life will inevitably change? And if not then you must at least believe that women are autonomous beings? You who dream of adventures abroad?

Eleanor: Well yes I do, though I do at times fear such changes – I guess now that I think on it – Emma must have been telling the truth – I simply hated the way she was saying these things – she is quite a piece of work. I guess you are always saying such things to me – it has just been so long – I almost forgot – but forgive me! Your general hopeful nature is not something one forgets easily. You should be a spokeswoman when you are older or maybe an MP or the Prime Minister – You are so incredibly wise – and calm – so full of wisdom – have you thought of what you want to be?

Salathiel: I have never thought of that –

Eleanor: Why not?! I know exactly what I want to do when I am older. If this new world of change shall come then I shall be an explorer; go about the world and conquer it all – all forEngland – I shall civilise all the savages.

Salathiel: How do you know those worlds aren’t civilised already?

Eleanor: How can they be? Some of them live in huts – and wear no clothes – is that not what you said – they live in huts thereby; they are not as smart as us. Therefore they aren’t civilised.

Salathiel(Low intensity in her voice – which comes whenever she is passionately speaking) Just because they live in huts does not make them uncivil. People never like things they do not understand – so they belittle it. It is wrong! They treat the world as though it is a possession it is not and it certainly cannot be claimed by men or women.

Salathiel has risen and has turned away from Eleanor who sits appearing upset. Salathiel paces.

Eleanor: Is that what they do to you? They belittle you because they don’t understand you.

Salathiel: Nobody understands me – how can they? When even I don’t understand myself; I am a child born to parents who didn’t want me.  The entire school shuns me – they call me names they think I am strange – and do you know what I take it – because they are right I am strange, weird, and abnormal. I am a nothing.  A blight upon this earth – but I refuse to stand idly by while the world crumbles, to allow the likes of Emma Middleton to believe that she has to accept her fate – no matter how uncivil she is to me. It may seem insignificant to say a word or two but when we give encouragement what wonders it can do. I have hope. I shall make something of myself, and this world – Fate is what we make of it.

Eleanor: Hope? I wish I could feel such things. I want to explore but I know I never will, not in this lifetime – I will marry a suitor and become a docile wife – I shall lose my autonomy if ever I had any – that is the way of the world – so mother always says – nothing can be done – whenever I used to speak of the adventures I used to make up with you to mother – she would simply stare and say; Eleanor it is not a woman’s place to think – it is a woman’s place to give life, to cook, to clean – That is and always shall be the way of the world. At least you still have hope Salathiel – that counts for something.

Salathiel comes to sit beside Eleanor who is weeping – she takes her hand affectionately.

Salathiel: Why can you not be an explorer? You must believe in yourself. Even I who am outcaste have belief that one day my life will change. If you do not have hope then well what is the point? What is the point of life – this life that we are leading – the world which has become rotten – what is the point of it all – we must have hope – if we do not then things will never change they will simply stay the same because people don’t believe they can be different. So you see we have to have hope Elli – it’s the only way.

Eleanor: You are something Salathiel! I have hope for hope – one day things will change – because someone like you deserves it. When I am older I shall like to be exactly like you – especially your hair colour I simply love it. Know come I am freezing – we have spoken the afternoon away – mother – will complain.

(They rise – Eleanor picks up the basket)

You will come again tomorrow – my brother wishes to meet you – he is back – please say you will come! If only to see me again – I shall simply die of boredom – please.

Salathiel: I shall try – I have heard much of your brother – and if he is anything like you – we shall be fast friends – I know it.

Eleanor: You shall – he is better than me – you shall love him as I do – then we can become sisters. It will be perfect – I shall travel with you the next time you go!

Salathiel: We are sisters already. Bye my Elli.

(They hug and exit the stage at opposite ends. Raphael and Isolde come out from behind the tree)