My Husband, his Mistress and I part 15

My Husband his Mistress and I pic

Michaela comes out of the front door.

“What’s wrong?” She asks, putting her arms around his waist from behind.

“Nothing,” He says on a deep sigh.

“Come one tell,” She coaxes kissing his neck softly.

His spine straightens. “I don’t like talking about her with you,”

I sit up straight in my own chair at the tone he just used to say; ‘her’.

“Marcus come on, we both know what this is, I’m not trying to replace her so you can just tell me.” Michaela says gently rubbing her chin on his shoulder.

“I just hate it when she uses that tone with me, it’s so fake and I can’t understand why she does it. I’d leave her if I didn’t love her so much. All the pretence drives me crazy.” He says in a rush.

I feel like I’ve been slapped.

“Wow,” Is all his mistress can say.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to unload; all this isn’t fair to you.”

“Hunny please, you’re cute but I’m trying not buying.” She says coming to stand in front of him.

He smiles but it’s a sad one.

“Come on, let’s no and eat that famous fish pie the mangers wife keeps raging about then we can work it off, have to keep this figure in check.” Michaela says planting a good solid kiss on my husband.

Marcus chuckles and I’m happy in a vindictive way that it doesn’t sound as deep as the one he gave me which makes me pause. Am I jealous of Michaela? How can Marcus think I don’t love him, I only behave the way he wants me to.


Poems: Love spoke but hate replied

Love spoke but hate replied

Love said: 

Said I one day to my dear loved one

As we two sat under the warm sun;


I want to write a song for love

To show you that loves fair and kind

Don’t question who it’ll just be us two


Said he: Love is love and what is that?

So I replied; Come with me we’ll chit and chat


Love is light and pleasing

At times you’ll find a little teasing


Love will always win out

Don’t you see that’s what it’s all about


‘And our love is right, so very strong

That’s why it can never ever, be wrong


I love love, as you can see

And my love loves me

So let me write a song for love

To show you that love

Well that’s all it’s about.


Hate replied:

Said I one day to the looking glass

As I sat, I recalled the loves once pass


I want to write a song for love

To show love that it’s neither fair nor kind

Some will say I am out of my mind


So I got out my paper and pen

To write a note to all of men


Love isn’t at all pleasing

Just an array of pranks and lots of teasing

I heard love wins out

From where I sit I truly doubt


They said my love was too strong

Was that why, said he that it was so wrong?


I hate love as I’m sure you can see

And love has always hated me

So let me write a song for love

To show love that

Well thanks but that’s not what I’m about.

Poems: ‘My Love’ and ‘Hayte’

My Love

My love

You are loved by me

O how much I love thee!

Love me two

For I think of you

When you  think of love

Do you think of me?

Like I think of thee

Or is it just me?

My love

You are loved by thee

Please think of me



I hayte love

Love always says and never does

Always spoken, never heard

Always seen but forgotten

I hayte love.

Love always blinds and never sees

Always argues, never agrees

Always fleeting, never lasting

I hayte love

For (my) love haytes me