Short Story: Aggressively dating: Mixing Mixers 2

Mixing MixersJamie smiled, “we’ve got drinks, but you can give us your names?”

“I’m Riley,” the American said.

“Donato,” his friend said softly with the barest hint of an Italian accent.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Alana Jameson, but everyone calls me Jamie,” Jamie said with an easy smile.

“Angelina,” Angie said feeling a little shy by the focused look Angelo gave her.

“Beautiful names for beautiful women,” Riley said, then laughed as Jamie gave him a look, “sorry that was over-kill, I said I wanted to experience London, but the only who was free was Don here, he’s from Italy –”

“You thought; close enough,” Jamie said with a laugh.

“Don’t judge but I thought since he is European he must know something,”

“That’s not even acceptable.” Jamie said shaking her head.

Riley laughed, “well what can you do? Not every day can be spent at some small pub in Camden listening to Unity Five –”

“I love that band!” Jamie said leaning forward a little.

“So underrated!” Riley and Jamie said together and they launched into a discussion about how great fringe bands were.

“I guess we should leave them,” Angie said taking a quick sip of her drink as she and Donato moved down the bar together.

Angie took another sip from her drink and tried to remember the promise she had made to herself; she took a deep breath and relaxed her posture before she leaned her hip against the bar and looked directly at Donato before engaging him in conversation.

The conversation was a little stilted at first as they asked the preliminary background questions, but it started to flow better after a few moments and Angie realised that it wasn’t because he wasn’t interested, he seemed almost shy of her and usually Angie would laugh of such a notion, but almost thirty minutes into their conversation she caught her reflection in the mirror at the bar, it wasn’t just that her back was straighter and she looked chic in the clothes her friends had picked for her, it was the look in her eyes there was a confidence there that she hadn’t noticed before.

Short Story: Galactic Confessionary part 7


“You can’t just keep me here!” Shosana said trying to appear angry, despite how much her voice was shaking. He was going to kill her; she could almost taste her death in the air as his wings unfurled before snapping back again as if his patience was starting to slip.

“You can’t keep me here!” She repeated when the murderous look in his eyes had subsided a fraction, “it’s against the Universal code,”

“You mean the codes we helped write?” There was a deadly edge to his voice, his gaze if possible growing even more intense.

“So,” she cleared her throat, “do as I say not as I do.”

He blinked and looked almost startled, she felt a little surprised herself, she was talking back to a higher angel; it felt so surreal that the need to laugh almost overcame her.

“You should have care in the way you address me,” he said it softly, the words almost a caress, if you discounted what he had said and the look in his eyes.

“Or what?” she said unable and unwilling to not have her say despite knowing that her death had been guaranteed by her birth, “I’m dead either way, you say your archangels are discussing my death, more like the method in which I will die and –” Her voice was cut off by a strong hand around her throat. His wings spread, filling the room with darkness, with such power, that she was rendered speechless and reminded too late that she was speaking to no ordinary angel. A higher angel, one clearly trained in combat, one who could kill her with less than a thought, one who could – they were airborne.

Flying up through the mural on the ceiling, they kept climbing higher and higher. Shosana felt a moment of awe as she glimpsed Heavens skyline before they flew even higher, and came to a stop when her only view was distance planets and Havens nine moons.

“Maybe I should drop you, since your life is so worthless.”