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I have created an actual website! It is similar and different to this, one of my many passions besides of course writing is in fact gaming. I will be blogging about writing and gaming on this website. Please check it out @

Also want to thank this amazing youtube video (OHKLYN – How to make your own website 2018 / Divi WordPress tutorial) for helping me build the website from scratch it still needs fine tuning though!

Testing again! Gamer girl


Next Stop Olympics

The Games Maker

Who knew days could feel like months or more accurately years four years to be exact? Two weeks, 14 days, 336 minutes.

Basketball know Handball, if I’m honest I’d never really seen any kind of Handball, but wow!!!

Iceland and Hungry playing Handball

Iceland and Hungry playing Handball; Semi-finals

It’s a little thing known as the Olympic effect, everything looks better, brighter more amazing when it’s at the Olympics.

Only a few days left and I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster, so many highs and low.

But I’m going to miss more than the Mexican waves, the screams of excitement and crazy costumes, the one thing that nothing but the Olympics can bring; the World together.

It Unites the World under one City to celebrate, I hope even after we finish that this feeling of togetherness is not forgotten.

The Aquatics Center

Short Stories: Next Stop Olympics

The Interview

The Reporter

“I’m volunteering for the Olympics, I’m a Games Maker, I feel really honoured to be part of the Games, they’ve given us a uniform and everything I love it.”

“What event are you volunteering for?” Hazelle said with forced patience, this wasn’t the kind of interview she thought she would be doing when her boss said she would be covering the games, ripped Athletes and seven foot tall Basketball players to mind, not overzealous do-gooders.

“O Basketball, I guess cause I’m tall, and sometimes I play, of course I’m not as good the players” The girl giggled.

Seriously who giggles?’ Hazelle thought glancing back down at her questions, she had to wrap up.

The girl’s phone began to ring and she excused herself.

Hazelle sighed and made her way to the toilet, she wasn’t going all the way back to the reporters hut, just to use the toilet, she also didn’t want to see Kyle, he would no doubt be gloating about all the athletes he had interviewed.

“I can’t wait to see a certain someone” a voice said quietly.

Hazelle stilled, it was the giggly girl, except she didn’t sound so giggly and silly.

“Who?” another voice said.

Hazelle held her breath and took out her note book. ‘Now this is more like it!