Short Story: The Witness part 2


Cool hands on her skin that felt feverishly hot.

“Miss Nansam?”

Eseme jumped and he removed his hands.

“Miss Nansam?” he said again.

Eseme looked up, and around the room, they weren’t alone, a least seven other people were staring at her, had witnessed her seizure, not a single one of them were medical personnel.

“Get out,” Eseme said, her voice hoarse from screaming, but only at the need had she screamed, throughout she had been silent. What kind of monster was she to not scream as she was subjected to what she saw? Only at the end when it was already too late.

“What was that Miss Nansam?” the detective asked leaning forward.

Eseme cringed away from him but repeated her request.

He looked confused for a moment before turning around to the other people in her hospital room.

“I think she wants you all to leave,” a nurse who had just walked back in said firmly.

There was a moment of indecision as the detectives and other law enforcement officials looked like they wanted to argue before filing out. Six men and four women in total.

The detective that had been speaking to Eseme hesitated at the door before the nurse ushered him out.

“I’m so sorry for what you witnessed,” the nurse said before heading out.

Eseme nodded.

What she witnessed, not what happened to her because nothing had happened to her, she was perfectly fine, a few scathes, maybe a bruise or two, but she had left that road with her life, which was more than she could say for the others who hadn’t been fast enough, who hadn’t been spared, and she made no allusions about this, she had been spared. Why? She didn’t know.

Short Story: Galactic Confessionary part 7


“You can’t just keep me here!” Shosana said trying to appear angry, despite how much her voice was shaking. He was going to kill her; she could almost taste her death in the air as his wings unfurled before snapping back again as if his patience was starting to slip.

“You can’t keep me here!” She repeated when the murderous look in his eyes had subsided a fraction, “it’s against the Universal code,”

“You mean the codes we helped write?” There was a deadly edge to his voice, his gaze if possible growing even more intense.

“So,” she cleared her throat, “do as I say not as I do.”

He blinked and looked almost startled, she felt a little surprised herself, she was talking back to a higher angel; it felt so surreal that the need to laugh almost overcame her.

“You should have care in the way you address me,” he said it softly, the words almost a caress, if you discounted what he had said and the look in his eyes.

“Or what?” she said unable and unwilling to not have her say despite knowing that her death had been guaranteed by her birth, “I’m dead either way, you say your archangels are discussing my death, more like the method in which I will die and –” Her voice was cut off by a strong hand around her throat. His wings spread, filling the room with darkness, with such power, that she was rendered speechless and reminded too late that she was speaking to no ordinary angel. A higher angel, one clearly trained in combat, one who could kill her with less than a thought, one who could – they were airborne.

Flying up through the mural on the ceiling, they kept climbing higher and higher. Shosana felt a moment of awe as she glimpsed Heavens skyline before they flew even higher, and came to a stop when her only view was distance planets and Havens nine moons.

“Maybe I should drop you, since your life is so worthless.”

Short Story: Galactic Confessionary part 6


Shosana looked around the lushly decorated room and felt only fear, finding no comfort in the mural that had been painted on the ceiling depicting baby angels in play; it was just a reminder of what she couldn’t have. They were going to kill her, of that she was certain the look in the angel with wings as dark as night, the one the others had looked to; Seth, he’d had a strange look in his eyes when he had locked her in this room yesterday. Most likely her death.

When the door began to open Shosana stood up, better to meet her death standing, or perhaps it was better to sit, she hadn’t died before. A babble of laughter escaped her throat just as the dark angel stepped into the room. He gave her a piercing look that had Shosana taking a step back.

They stared at each other for a long time, she wanted to look away from what was no doubt the homicidal look in his eyes, but she would be damned if she didn’t look into the eyes of her killer.

“You shouldn’t exist.” He said in the language of Angels, a language you couldn’t learn but had to be born knowing.

“And yet here I stand,” Shosana replied defiantly.

Seth narrowed his eyes and Shosana felt a moment of unadulterated fear but only for a moment before she felt angry, with herself with the angels, she had been running for so long, afraid her entire existence, now she was caught, there was nothing to fear anymore.

She straightened and took a step forward under the watchful eyes of the dark angel.

“The Archangels have not yet passed judgment on whether you can continue your existence; you will wait here until –”

He spoke of her death so casually.

“And how long will that take?” She interrupted her voice wavering as she met his gaze.

He just watched her unblinking, such anger in his gaze.

Short Story for Halloween: An Intruder part 2

Dark Street

Out of her backpack she takes out a bag of salt, every step must be calculated. She throws some salt forward as she takes a step forward; she skids a little on the slippery tile before she finds purchase. Not taking any chances but conscious of the time, she throws and walks, throws and walks.
She makes it across the roof; she has three more to go.
Focusing her mind and bracing herself against the dropping temperature she commits herself to her rooftop walk. It’s slow going but she makes no mistakes. The caution has cost her; she is seven minutes behind schedule.
Her destination is up ahead.
Sliding herself to the edge of the roof she crouches down and listens.
All is silent.
Protected by nosy neighbours by the extensive back garden she edges herself over the ledge, her boots skim the window and for a breath-taking moment she loses her footing. She forgot to place more salt, too late, she has both hands supporting her weight and the salt safely tucked away in her backpack. Legs dangling in mid-air, weight supported solely by her arms, she tries to feel for the windowsill. The edge of the windowsill is slippery and her months of exercising is being put to the test. She slowly lowers herself onto the ledge and grasps the curve of the window that’s been left open a crack before she falls back.
Not wasting a moment to consider her quick breathing, she inches the window open by small increments, it’s soundless, a previous visit oiling it into silence.
She’s inside the house.

Short Story: The Longest Bus Ride

I opens my eyes, I’m not awake, but this isn’t sleep. I’m drowsy but my mind is focused. A jolt of electricity rushes through my body. The pain is powerful; like a whispered secret in my ear. I control the trembling by concentrating on the noises washing over me. The whispers and the silence. The movements and the stillness. Another jolt, the pain wants my attention. I focus for a moment, and really try to feel. Should I be alarmed that I knows this much pain? But it’s like music, da dum da dum da dum, with every pump of my heart, fresh pain. I marvel at the body’s ability to endure so much, it’s like war and I have not yet learnt how to lose. I suck in a breath. My moment of weakness has cost me as someone turns to look.

Concern? Fear? Suspicion?

I wants to explain; I opens his mouth, then closes it again.

More attention from the stranger.

A splash of water on my trembling hands. I forgot about the tears.

I jolt in my seat as the bus stops, my eyes flutter momentarily and I almost lose control of the reins. The stranger gets up and with one last look leaves me.

I’d feel relived but all my body knows is the pain, all my feelings and all my mind. The whole world is pain.

The pulsing in my head blurs my vision for a few moments and my body stops taking in oxygen as panic seeps through vulnerable thoughts.

My stop is fast approaching and I prepare my body for what I’m about to do, but obedience will not be had and the pain ups the stakes.

It’s my stop, my eyes strain as I gazes at the open doors slowly closing.

I lurch out of my seat, my ears pick up alarm from the other commuters but all I know is the exit. I stumble but I do not fall.

Slowly I’m made aware that the bus is not moving despite my presence on the pavement. I’m being looked at but I have no time for them.

I’m single minded in my need to get home. Every step is absorbed by my body.

Stopping never occurs to me.

Something more important is demanding my attention and that’s time. I can feel the countdown scarping against my bones. The beat is obnoxious in my eardrums.

I’m through the front door.

Alarmed voices and softly spoken words. I’m at the centre of the calmest storm.

My body wants to give in and I’m tempted but peace will not be found at home.

The wait almost breaks me but I endure another ride on a different type of bus.

I’m lying still; the screams are so loud but I can’t open my mouth to voice them. The pain doesn’t no defeat but nor do I.

The Hospital is close but I know the pain is in my lifeblood, my very DNA, my sickle cell anemia.

My Husband, his Mistress and I part 9

My Husband his Mistress and I pic

I’m buzzing – I feel like a live wire set to explode. I usually get up twenty minutes before Marcus, but today, well today was different. I’ve been up for an hour and even though I haven’t hadn’t had a single drop of coffee; I’ll probably need to be peeled off the ceiling.

I finally hear Marcus get out of the bathroom and a bolt of electricity shimmers through me. I’ve just finished his breakfast despite being up for so long – he likes his meals warm. I quickly glance at my reflection in the mirror – my eyes are too bright and my smile is too big but I can’t help it. Last night Marcus fell asleep on the couch almost as soon as he had walked in – so uncharacteristic that I stared at him for a good twenty minutes.

“Morning Vivian,” a deep voice says.

I bite my lip, and plant a worried expression on my face before turning to face him.

The guilt in his eyes is too much and I feel my temper flare – he can’t cope to the truth already!

“Here,” I say thrusting a shake in front of his face, “I made you a special shake; it will clear your head.”

He sits reluctantly.

“Thank you,” Marcus says after he’s taken a healthy drink from his shake. “That really actually helps, you didn’t have to.”

Again with the guilt in his eyes.

Sensing he’s about to confess, I quickly say.

“Of course, I really want you to win that big case you’ve been working on.”

“O…right of course,” he says putting the shake to his lips once more.

“You certainly need your energy after yesterday’s activities.”

“What?” He says alarmed.

“The party,” I clarify innocently.

“O yeah erm yeah of course.” He clears his throat and his eyes look worried. “Listen about last night –”

Shit! I’ve pushed him too far.

Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love Part 6

“Really?” Anger said taking a step towards her.

“Yes,” Penny said taking a step back, “I just was walking and I well I just stumbled into this place,” was she rambling? And why did she feel a need to defend Love.

Anger glanced at Love and raised an eyebrow. “Still, I don’t appreciate your attitude towards Love, your too angry –”

“Says the guy named Anger” Penny said angrily, dimly in the back of her mind she yelled at herself for being so easily provoked and realised that Angers presence was probably making her this way.

Anger took a menacing step towards her, “Little human, listen –”

“Don’t call me that!” She snapped, she took an involuntary step back suddenly overcome by an irrational feeling of fear; she shivered as her heart began to pound, she glanced at Love, he step towards her and glanced at Anger than glared at – Penny turned around and saw a little girl. Penny felt herself begin to lose consciousness but Love had moved to her side and placed a cool hand on her forehead.

“Fear you will cease” Anger said.

Penny felt herself falling, but Love quickly lifted her up and slowly put her on the soft grass, pulling her closer to him.

Penny looked over at the little girl, she seemed so innocent maybe only five years old, but here was something incredibly sinister about she smiled up at Anger.

“I only came to protect Love”

Penny felt herself shake and her heart rate spike at the little girls’ terrible voice, and she started shaking again, Love tightened his arms around her.

“Fear stop, she is only a human, turn it off” Anger said, tugging one of fears blond ringlets.

Fear smiled revealing perfectly straight teeth, and then rolled her eyes. “Fine” she said pushing past Anger and looking at Penny, who moved closer to Love.

“You cannot harm Love human, I need him, if people do not love, then they will never fear losing their loved ones, nor will they get angry” she gestured to Anger “when these loved ones do them wrong, am I right?” Fear said her high squeaky voice sounding far older than she looked.

Penny shivered, not looking into her creepy blue eyes, which drew another pearly smile from Fear.

“Fear” Love warned.

“What?” Fear said glancing at Love, “She is so resilient, you know I love a challenge.”

Penny narrowed her eyes at fear, and suddenly she felt too close to Love, his arms all over her, she squirmed and he released her easily.

“So, what is she doing here Love?” Fear said still looking at Penny.