Short Story: So I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 10

Sharlene smirked.

“How stupid do you think I am?” She said sarcastically.

Jamal mumbled something and she shot him a look.

“Well whatever, you lot want to act like half-wits, that’s fine by me. You were right, I should go.” Sharlene said walking towards the door.

“Wait Shar!” George said still panting.

“Let her go!” Jamal said angrily, standing up straight. “She’s been nothing but trouble.”

“Can you help us?” Drew said, sounding a little scared.

Sharlene looked at Drew for a long moment before rolling her eyes.

“Why should I?” She said quietly.

“Because we need your help, we could get into really big trouble, like prison.” Drew whispered back.

“O’ for goodness sakes Drew!” George said exasperated. “That’s why I don’t tell you anything, you can’t keep your big mouth shut!”

“Well it’s not his fault, Shiner shouldn’t even be here.” Jamal said.

They all started arguing at the same time; Jamal adamant that Sharlene leave the house immediately. George angry that Drew was about to reveal his secret and Sharlene angry at the way Jamal was treating her and angry that George wasn’t trying to defend her. Drew was mumbling something under his breath.

“All right! That’s enough!” Drew shouted.

They all jumped as they looked at him.

“Jesus Drew, you scared me!” Jamal said, jumping a foot.

“Sharlene, you know what’s happened don’t you? So can you please just help us?” Drew said calmly but firmly.

Sharlene blinked, looking at Drew in surprise.

“I want Jamal to apologise to me first.” She said turning to face Jamal.

Jamal glared at her.

“Jamal please just apologise, and Shar, your right, we need your help, so I’m sorry as well.” George said earnestly.

It was getting late and he was scared that everyone would have to go home soon, still leaving him with his problem downstairs.

Sharlene turned to George with a small smile and nodded once before turning back to Jamal.

Jamal glared at her. “Fine, I’m sorry, but only because we need your help.”

“That’s hardly an apology, but yeah.” She took a deep breath and said. “You’re not in any trouble George.”

“I knew she couldn’t help us!” Jamal said at once. “She’s just been playing us. What else do expect from Shiner.”

“If I can finish,” Sharlene said coldly, “Miss Levy came into your house without you inviting her in right?”

George nodded slowly, wondering how she knew. “She just barged in, saying she wanted to see my parents, even though I told they weren’t in.”

“Well that’s unlawful entry.” Drew said speaking up, a small smile on his face.

Sharlene smiled. “Exactly, and you haven’t bound her arms or her legs, she’s in your house, staying in your house on her own free will.”

“If anything she’s kidnapped you!” Drew said suddenly.

Sharlene beamed at him. “Well I wouldn’t go that far, but she’s basically a squatter, you have every right to call the police and remove her from your property.”

The sudden relief that George felt made him giddy, he wasn’t going to prison.

“Damn Shiner,” Jamal breathed, “thank you.”

Sharlene looked at him a smug look on her face. “You can thank me, by not calling me Shiner.”

“Okay, Sharlene then.” Jamal said reluctantly smiling at her.

“You didn’t kidnap anyone George.” Sharlene said as she confidently opened the basement door.

“Wait!” George said, “Miss Levy’s going to tell everyone that my parents left me home alone.”

“So that’s why you think you kidnapped her.” Jamal said, “I was wondering why you felt guilty. Your so annoying George, kidnap, you couldn’t kidnap a fly.”

George gave him a look.

“Open the basement door Sharlene, and get Miss Levy out of here, and I want an apology from here for scaring us all, she should know better than that.” Jamal said laughing.

“I want compensation,” Drew said walking towards the basement.

George laughed feeling completely relieved as Sharlene smiled at him.

Short Story: So I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 9

George, expecting Drew to protest at the lack of light, took out his phone and switched the torch on, he dimmed the light and shone the light onto his face and put a finger to his lips, the others nodded, their faces serious.

The descent down the stairs felt longer than the fifteen steps George knew it was, they moved so slowly, stopping twice and waiting in fearful silence when a creaking floorboard was triggered by a poorly placed foot.

The trio stood at the foot of the stairs for a long moment, each one afraid to make the first move. After a long moment George relunctantly tugged them along. They slowly shuffeled to the left as one.

“She’s there,” George said on a whisper, shining the light to his left.

Miss Levy was sat in an armchair her head slummed backwards, her eyes closed.

“O my God! She is dead.” Jamal said, and he sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

“You killed her.” Drew said his voice hushed.

“George would you get that light out of my face.” Miss Levy said opening her eyes suddenly and pinning them with a stare.

All three boys screamed and ran upstairs, slamming the door behind them.

The trio sunk to the floor of the living room breathing fast.

“You. Killed. Her. Now. She’s. A. Ghost!” Drew panted.

George was still too out of breath to respond, so he settled on glaring at him instead.

Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 8

George looked over at the handbag. “We need to think of something.”

“No, you need to tell me why you still haven’t let Miss Levy go.” Jamal countered.

George looked away, he couldn’t say.

“George, kidnapping is serious, I know you’re not stupid…so what did Miss Levy see or what did she catch you doing.” Jamal smirked.

“Nothing.” George said at once.

“Yeah well nothing is probably tied up downstairs. A basement, seriously? You might as well be some crazy serial killer.” Jamal said edging towards the door that led to the basement.

George grabbed his hand.

“I said not to discuss anything!” Drew complained walking back into the room.

“We’re not discussing, we’re seeing. George is going to take us downstairs to see Miss Levy.” Jamal said decisively.

Drew’s eye lit up.
“You can’t see her, I don’t want –” George began.

“How’ve you kept her quiet all this time?” Jamal interrupted looking at George suspiciously.

George shifted from one foot to the other.

“O my God you haven’t killed her have you?” Drew said looking around fearfully.

Jamal’s eyes grew wide as he gasped and took a step back. “You’ve killed her haven’t you?!”

“No I haven’t, she’s very much alive!” George protested trying to keep his voice quiet. “Look, what happened was –”

“George let us see her right now!” Jamal demanded.

George sighed in resignation. “Alright fine, but don’t make any noise.”

Jamal and Drew exchanged looks as the trio quietly approached the basement door.

George turned the handle slowly.

They were plunged into darkness.

Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 7

George met Jamal’s gaze.
“I didn’t know you needed so much tutoring, but whatever,” Sharlene said, dropping the bag onto the table near the door, before she walked back into the kitchen, “Andrew, the butter,” she called over her shoulder.

Drew followed her reluctantly. “Don’t discuss any secret plans without me.” He said as he left.

“This is perfect,” Jamal said, his eyes alight as he looked at the handbag.

“What is? My life getting worse and worse, more people finding out, me being carted off to prison?” George said in despair.

“No, Shiner touched the bag, her prints are on it, let’s blame it on her.” Jamal whispered excitedly.

“We can’t do that!” George said angrily.

“Why not? Trust me George, no one would believe you would do something like this, but Shiner, she’s got criminal written all over her. She’s a rebel, people would believe she forced you. I’ll help you.” Jamal said nodding.

“No!” George said adamantly.

“O come on, like it didn’t pass through your head, when you saw her pick up the bag?” Jamal asked raising an eyebrow.

George shook his head.

“Yeah right.” Jamal snorted.

Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 6

“How stupid do you think I am?” Sharlene said, her arms crossed, her expression bored.

“Look Shar, I’m really erm –”

Sharlene suddenly pushed the door forward with such force that all three boys suddenly fell back.

“O you look really sick.” Sharlene said sarcastically as she glanced at them all. She stepped over the threshold and closed the door behind her.

“Look I get it, parents out, so you’re having a party, I don’t care, but my parents start asking me questions if I go back home now, you guys can get back to whatever you were doing. I’ll hang out in the kitchen for an hour, everyone wins.”

“Actually, not everyone wins, we don’t want you here.” Jamal said. “So get moving Shiner.”

“Last I checked this was George’s house, George?” Sharlene said expectantly.

George sighed, he liked Sharlene he really did, but at times she didn’t help herself, no one really liked her at school, and even though she insisted that’s how she liked it, George knew she didn’t, he liked her, but he really needed Jamal’s help and he didn’t want to drag someone else into his criminal activities especially someone he liked.

“Look Shar, I do want you to stay but –”

“Then it’s settled, I’ll be in the kitchen.” She said before turning and walking towards the kitchen.

“I don’t like her.” Jamal said staring after Sharlene with a look of disgust.

“She’s not that bad.” George defended half-heartedly.

Jamal narrowed his eyes, then shrugged as they all walked towards the living room.

“Andrew, this butter looks disgusting, can you get rid of it, I would touch it but I don’t want to catch anything – o and George why is Miss Levy’s bag here?” Sharlene said from the kitchen.

All three boys stopped and looked at each other.

“Tell her to leave right now!” Jamal mouthed.

George, his heart racing looked up, just as Sharlene came into the hallway, holding Miss Levy’s black bag.

“How do you know whose bag that is?” Jamal said coolly.

Sharlene gave him a bored look. “Her initials genius,” she turned the bag around where the letters, EL were itched into the bag in gold. “Her first name is Elizabeth.”

Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 5

George and Jamal followed him; they all sat around the breakfast bar, as Drew began to rummage through the fridge.

“Start from the beginning George and I swear it better be good, or I’m out of here.” Jamal said.

“But you’re his best friend.” Drew said reproachfully his mouth full of what looked like butter.

“Whatever, best friends aren’t supposed to make other best friends go to prison and die.” Jamal said.

“That’s true.” Drew said nodding as he turned back to the fridge.

“Well it all started when Miss Levy came over –”

“Miss Levy?!” Drew and Jamal both said at the same time.

“Shush!” George said anxiously, glancing at the door to his left.

Jamal jumped out of his seat.

“A teacher?! You kidnapped a teacher?” He looked at George with a mixture of disbelief and amazement.

“It’s always the quiet ones.” Drew said nodding wisely.

“Shut up Drew.” George said.

“Actually he has a point G, how you gonna kidnap a teacher?” Jamal laughed suddenly, “a legit teacher!” He laughed so loudly that both Drew and George joined him; soon the kitchen was full of their laughter.

“Seriously though.” Jamal said still laughing.

They all jumped as someone pounded on the front the door.

“It’s the police!” George hissed quietly, exchanging a fearful glance with Jamal.

“No it’s Sharlene; she’s here to tutor you.” Drew said simply, his mouth still full of food.

George turned to him in surprise.

“It’s right here on the fridge, Sharlene five to six, tutor George in science. Do you need help in science?” Drew asked.

George jumped off his stool, and the others followed him to the door, he opened it a creak.

“Hey, Sharlene, I don’t need tutoring today, I’m erm I’m sick.” George said, through the crack in the door.

Sharlene rolled her eyes.

Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher Part 4

“How did this happen?” Drew said quietly.

“Yes George! How the hell do you accidently kidnap someone?!” Jamal said throwing his hands in the air.

“Shush, for goodness sakes, do you want the neighbours to hear, we could all go to prison.” George said frantically, as he ran over to peek through the windows.

“We?” Jamal said incredulously. “We aren’t going anywhere! We are not going to prison, maybe you are, but Drew and I are innocent.” Jamal said heading towards the door.

George stared after him in shock, he had never seen Jamal act so scared, nothing scared Jamal, maybe his Dad, and he was usually away on business.

“Jamal, wait, I need your help!” George said, running after him.

“No way!” Jamal said.

“We are already involved anyway, unless we report you George, we could go to prison we already know.” Drew said nodding.

“Drew shut up!” Jamal snapped.

“My dad’s a lawyer, I heard it, it’s called aiding and abetting.” Drew went on undeterred.

“O great! Thanks a lot George, we are all going to prison, do you know what they do to kids in prison?!” Jamal said exasperated.

George shook his head.

“Exactly! There are no kids in prison, they get killed right away.” Jamal said looking at Drew who shrugged.

“I don’t know about kids in prison, I know teenagers go to Juvenile detention, Jamal you’re a teenager now, you don’t have to die.” Drew said.

George and Jamal both sighed.

“Look, I didn’t want to involve you, I just really need your help –”

“You need my help! Just let them go!” Jamal said, looking around, “Where are they?” He said voice hushed.

George smiled a little as he realised Jamal was staying.

“She’s in the basement.” George said, his voice also hushed.

“A basement? O my God, who has a basement, apart from Americans, I’d understand if Drew had a basement –”

“My Dad is American, and he doesn’t have a basement.” Drew said, walking towards the kitchen.