Short Story: The Witness part 2


Cool hands on her skin that felt feverishly hot.

“Miss Nansam?”

Eseme jumped and he removed his hands.

“Miss Nansam?” he said again.

Eseme looked up, and around the room, they weren’t alone, a least seven other people were staring at her, had witnessed her seizure, not a single one of them were medical personnel.

“Get out,” Eseme said, her voice hoarse from screaming, but only at the need had she screamed, throughout she had been silent. What kind of monster was she to not scream as she was subjected to what she saw? Only at the end when it was already too late.

“What was that Miss Nansam?” the detective asked leaning forward.

Eseme cringed away from him but repeated her request.

He looked confused for a moment before turning around to the other people in her hospital room.

“I think she wants you all to leave,” a nurse who had just walked back in said firmly.

There was a moment of indecision as the detectives and other law enforcement officials looked like they wanted to argue before filing out. Six men and four women in total.

The detective that had been speaking to Eseme hesitated at the door before the nurse ushered him out.

“I’m so sorry for what you witnessed,” the nurse said before heading out.

Eseme nodded.

What she witnessed, not what happened to her because nothing had happened to her, she was perfectly fine, a few scathes, maybe a bruise or two, but she had left that road with her life, which was more than she could say for the others who hadn’t been fast enough, who hadn’t been spared, and she made no allusions about this, she had been spared. Why? She didn’t know.


Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part nine

Name: Valery Asante

Occupation: Student

Age: 15

Evaluation: After nearly three months of therapy, Miss Asante has improved in leaps and bounds, her Doctors report that she hasn’t missed a single day of medication, even when she has relapses in with her illness, she is still on top of her medication and her school work, Valery. The turnaround in Valery is extraordinary however Valery herself still feels like she needs to attend therapy regularly in order to stay on the proverbial ‘band wagon’.

The patient

“Hi Luella,” Valery says smiling as she makes herself comfortable on the couch, her uniform is as crisp and as clean as always.

“Luella, I’m pleased to see you are looking well.” Luella says returning her smile easily.

“Thank you, I have good news I haven’t gotten an internship at a newspaper.” Valery says beaming.

“That’s amazing, I’m very proud of you Val!” Luella says with feeling.

“Thank you Luella, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am –”

“I didn’t do anything Val, it was all you, you decided to take your medication, you decided to turn your life around, you decided to apply for that internship, you got in. Therapy is good for you, but I will be the first to admit if the person isn’t willing, and Val you have been more than willing.” Luella says.

Valery smiles hesitantly. “I just feel like I’m going to slip back without you, I don’t trust myself.” She admits slowly.

“Why not?” Luella asks slowly.

“Because I know who I am, I’m not –”

“You are better than you know, Valery you are an autonomous being! Did anyone tell you to apply for that internship?”

Valery shakes her head slowly. “No.”

“Then why did you apply for it? I didn’t tell you to?” Luella says calmly.

“I want to?” Valery says phrasing the answer like a question.

“Pardon?” Luella says fighting back a smile.  “I didn’t hear you.”

“I said I want to.” Valery says a little louder.

“You what?” Luella says smiling now.

Valery smiles. “I wanted to apply, so I did.”

“And you’re going to be the best intern they have ever had aren’t you?” Luella says firmly.

“Yes.” Valery says confidently.

“Do you know why? Because you can do anything.” Luella says smiling widely.

Valery nods and whispers reverently. “Anything.”

Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 7

Name: Felicity Tavana Monroe

Age: 32

Occupation: CEO of Textiles Inc

Evaluation: After nearly three months of therapy, Ms Monroe has come to accept that what she is doing is wrong, however she can’t seem to break things off with Mr Williams. Her company has recently undergone some expansion and she is considering moving countries to get away from Mr Williams.


The businesswoman

“You look nice today Luella.” Felicity says as she comes to sit on the couch, she is in her usual pinstripe suite, her hair and make-up flawless.

“Thank you Felicity.” Luella says calmly.

“I wish I could stop, I really do, I even booked my flight to our Chicago officers, I talked to a real estate agent, I wanted to move.” Felicity takes a shuddering breath, as tears fill her eyes. “I can’t do it, how can I live without love.”

“Even if, that love is from another woman’s husband?” Luella says softly.

“Do you think I don’t want to change?” Felicity says, voice rising. “Do you? Do you think I like being miserable?”

“No, I know you want to, desperately, but you are afraid of change, you are afraid you have missed your chance at happiness somewhere down the line because you choose success and know you have to settle for a half-life.”

“A half-life? That’s what you think I’m doing?” Felicity says shuddering; she takes a tissue from the table and dabs her face.

“Felicity –” Luella begins.

“Don’t,” Felicity chokes down a sob, “I didn’t know I was capable of love, I was the smart girl at school, I’m very good at what I do, so I didn’t know I could do anything else, but I can do this, I can love him with my whole being, with all of who I am.”

“What about your guilt over his wife, his little girl?”

Felicity is silent for a few moments as she continues to wipe her face.

“I can’t stop. I don’t want him to leave his wife, I…” She hesitates. “No one finds love, love finds you and it will never let you go.”

“That is true.” Luella says softly.

Felicity smiles, “You agree with me?”


“But you still think I should leave him?”

“It is the only way, you are more capable than you realise of loving someone, isn’t it only right only fair if that love is retuned equally?”

Felicity nods as she begins to softly cry.

Luella goes and sits beside her, placing a hand around her shoulders as she supplies her with tissues.

“I guess this is goodbye then?” Felicity says.

“No, this is I will see you later, tell me when you are settled.”

Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 6

Name: Valery Asante

Occupation: Student

Age: 15

Evaluation: Since our last session, Miss Asante has been very healthy, she is excelling in school, according to her teachers Valery is ahead in all her studies, her form tutor suggests that we put her up a year. Her Doctors have reported that Valery has been taking all of her medication regularly.

The patient

“You are looking very well Valery.” Luella comments as Valery makes her way to the coach, she is wearing her school uniform, which has been ironed to perfection.

“Thank you, Doctor erm… Miss Lee.” Valery trails off looking a little uncomfortable.

“You can call me Luella if you like, I hear you are top of your class.”

Valery nods.

“How are you enjoying school? Everything you imagined?” Luella says patiently.

Valery nods again.

“Your teachers tell me they are considering placing you in the year above, would you like that?”

Valery shrugs.

“Valery, this isn’t going to be one of those sessions is it?” Luella says voice patient as ever.

Valery meets Luella gaze, her face perplexed. “What sessions Doctor?”

“You know what I mean.” Luella says firmly.

“I like school.” Valery says softly, she hesitates as she looks down at the floor. “It is more, much more than I imagined, I feel normal when I am there, even though I don’t talk to anyone, even that can be normal.”

“Is this why you are taking your medication regularly?”

Valery nods, then hesitates. “I want…” She shakes her head then stops.

“What? You want something? You see a future?”

Valery turns sharply to Luella and nods. “Yes, I am thinking ahead.” She admits quietly.

“That’s great Valery.” Luella says with feeling.

Valery smiles hesitantly and nods.  

Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 4

Name: Felicity Tavana Monroe

Age: 32

Occupation: CEO of Textiles Inc

Evaluation: After our last session, Miss Monroe has promised to once and for all break things off with Mr Williams. She wants to make sure she is single in time for the new year, for a ‘fresh new start’. Miss Monroe’s company has recently seen an increase in profits and she is considering taking a holiday as a reward for ending her affair.

The businesswoman

“So I take it, you haven’t broken off ties with him?”

“Is that judgment in your voice?” Felicity laughs gaily, throwing her head back; her dark hair which is usually tied up, is lose today and she shakes it around as she laughs. “My, my Doctor, I am paying you not to judge me, you can sit and listen to me complain, but you must never judge me.”

Felicity continues to laugh as Luella stares at her indifferently.

“You are quite casually dressed today –”

“I was wondering when you would mention it.” Felicity laughs again, gets up and spins, the flowery dress she is wearing whirls around her, briefly revealing her underwear.

“I’m sorry,” she sits down abruptly her expression suddenly grave. “I’ll behave, I’ve just, I’m happy, it is so rare, such a rare thing to be truly happy, so happy I’m a little afraid.”

“What has made you happy?”

“You know,” Felicity says softly meeting Luella’s eyes.

“Mr Williams.”

Felicity nods, “He is the only person who can truly make me sing.” She pauses for a moment, “I can’t leave him, I know that now, it is impossible –”

“Felicity –”

“No, no don’t interrupt me; I have had a moment of clarity. I will not leave the one I love. I can’t and even if I could I can’t.”

Luella sighs as Felicity continues to stare at her defiantly.

“Felicity, what did you tell me when you first came to me?”

“Tell me Doctor have you ever been in love?”

Luella hesitates as Felicity moves closer her eyes imploring.

“Level with me please, just this once.”

Luella nods slowly.

“Then you know what I mean. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs it should be love at the top. Should it not?” She pauses and smiles. “After love everything else is extra frosting.”

Short story: The Tate Therapy part 3

As we looked around the galleries on level 5, I began to feel calmer, I even responded to some of Megan’s remarks about the artwork. Although I was calmer, I wasn’t as moved. Megan only had to mention a giant box to me, and I was hyperventilating, but most of the paintings – beautiful pieces too – didn’t and couldn’t have the same powerful effect on me. Mostly I looked around at the different paintings with indifference. Megan seemed to sense this and so we moved around much more quickly.

On level 4, I entered one of the galleries, and saw one of the most breath-taking sculptures that I had ever seen. ‘The kiss’ it was named, the statue was of a couple locked in a passionate embrace. There love is set in stone, it says the lovers where killed by the women’s jealous husband, but in that moment there love has been captured and it will last forever. When I saw it, I felt – so moved, it was so strange, there was this warmth that I suddenly felt. The effect it was having on me took me by surprise. There was something so real about it. I guess because the story behind it is real. It was the first time, in a very long time where a powerful emotion had been tied to something good. I am not used to feeling so passionate about something; I could have stayed there forever. Megan and I then, sketched and took photographs of the kiss. After we had lunch, then desert, then a quick toilet break, we made our way to the Box.

I glanced up at the structure as we approached it, my heart was racing. Megan hadn’t been exaggerating.

Plays: Heart Problems: Scene 4

Scene 4: Rose and Tamin’s apartment: The Patio


ROSE:             (Sighs heavily, breathes deeply, tearfully) O God I can’t take this, Why me?

FX: Rustling can be heard as Michael approaches Rose

MICHAEL:     Rose?

ROSE:             (Sniffling) Michael? What are you doing here?

MICHAEL:     I just couldn’t leave you alone with him! How can he act like that?

ROSE:             He doesn’t know Michael


MICHAEL:     Why haven’t you told him?

ROSE:             I don’t know, it’s not exactly a conversation starter. I just, don’t want a big scene and… (sighs)

MICHAEL:     You don’t have to tell him (pause) He doesn’t deserve you Rose

ROSE:             (Sarcastic laugh) O and what you do?

MICHAEL:     I didn’t mean that

ROSE:             (Softly) You don’t know him. And listen I appreciate you coming here, but Michael I’ve moved on. I’m with Tamin now. You can’t just keep stopping by the way you used to

MICHAEL:     (Hesitant) But Rose I…I don’t want to leave you, I just, I can’t

ROSE:             Michael, Michael stop, listen. I’m sorry that I’m dying (laughs then sighs) but you don’t have to beat yourself up about it…

MICHAEL:     (Desperately) Rose I love you. I don’t want to lose you, now more than ever –

ROSE:             (Gently) Michael stop.

MICHAEL:     Tell me you still don’t think about us

ROSE:             Michael, I just (pause) I do okay, I do sometimes think about us. But you left me remember and…

TAMIN:          (Clears throat) I hope I am not interrupting anything?!