Short Story: Aggressively dating: The End


“So let me get this straight you didn’t go home with or even get his number?” Sedra asked leaning forward from her position on the floor.

The girls had gathered at Sedra’s house to help sort out her ever expanding wardrobe, but it had as usual turned into a gossip session. They were all sat in various parts of Sedra’s beautifully decorated bedroom.

Angie smiled, feeling confident at how well she had hit it off with Donato. Her happiness and new found confidence was less to do with him and more to do with how she saw herself.

“Yeah, I left the bar alone, since Jamie went home with someone,” Angie said.

“I get it,” Savy said with a smile, “you finally learnt how to flirt without being tipsy or drunk first.”

Angie laughed, “basically yeah.”

“Basically?” Jamie said with a laugh, “you lot should have seen her, when I came back from the bathroom she was talking to two different guys at once. I’ve never been prouder of you Angie,” Jamie raised her cup filled with her favourite smoothie in the air and the other girls followed.

“To Angie, better late than never!” Sedra said.

Angie laughed along with them, then turned to Sedra.

“So where are you taking me?”

They all laughed.



Short Story: Aggressively dating: Mixing Mixers 2

Mixing MixersJamie smiled, “we’ve got drinks, but you can give us your names?”

“I’m Riley,” the American said.

“Donato,” his friend said softly with the barest hint of an Italian accent.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Alana Jameson, but everyone calls me Jamie,” Jamie said with an easy smile.

“Angelina,” Angie said feeling a little shy by the focused look Angelo gave her.

“Beautiful names for beautiful women,” Riley said, then laughed as Jamie gave him a look, “sorry that was over-kill, I said I wanted to experience London, but the only who was free was Don here, he’s from Italy –”

“You thought; close enough,” Jamie said with a laugh.

“Don’t judge but I thought since he is European he must know something,”

“That’s not even acceptable.” Jamie said shaking her head.

Riley laughed, “well what can you do? Not every day can be spent at some small pub in Camden listening to Unity Five –”

“I love that band!” Jamie said leaning forward a little.

“So underrated!” Riley and Jamie said together and they launched into a discussion about how great fringe bands were.

“I guess we should leave them,” Angie said taking a quick sip of her drink as she and Donato moved down the bar together.

Angie took another sip from her drink and tried to remember the promise she had made to herself; she took a deep breath and relaxed her posture before she leaned her hip against the bar and looked directly at Donato before engaging him in conversation.

The conversation was a little stilted at first as they asked the preliminary background questions, but it started to flow better after a few moments and Angie realised that it wasn’t because he wasn’t interested, he seemed almost shy of her and usually Angie would laugh of such a notion, but almost thirty minutes into their conversation she caught her reflection in the mirror at the bar, it wasn’t just that her back was straighter and she looked chic in the clothes her friends had picked for her, it was the look in her eyes there was a confidence there that she hadn’t noticed before.

Short Story: Aggressively dating: Mixing Mixers

Mixing Mixers

“I can’t believe you dragged me here,” Angie said on a hushed whisper to Jamie.

Jamie shrugged completely unconcerned, she looked amazing as usual and she was getting numerous admiring glances from all the men in the bar, and there were a lot of men.

The women had all dressed up and despite what she had promised herself earlier she felt intimidated. The flirting that was going on was borderline aggressive, there was hair flicking, light touching and girly laughs sounding all around the intimately lit bar.

“It’s like –”

“A competition,” Jamie finished as she walked confidently to the bar and ordered two drinks, “two strawberry daiquiris please,” Jamie said to the bartender before turning back to Angie, “Angie darling, this is a fierce battle, there are no trophies here for participation, if you want something you need to take it by the bulls and I’m talking literally.” Jamie said laughing.

Angie gave her a look as Jamie winked.

“Why not? You are single and need I remind you a virgin,” Jamie said on a whisper.

“I know,” Angie said petulantly, “everyone keeps –”

“Shhh, remember charming, your gorgeous and amazing show it to them,” Jamie said nodding at two guys who had just walk over.

Angie felt the strange compulsion to down her drink, she felt so nervous in her short dress Sedra had picked out.

“Hey ladies,” a man with dark hair and even darker eyes said, he had an American accent and Angie had noticed that he had at one point been the focus of every women in the bar.

He was well built and exceptionally good looking, so much so that Angie wondered what he was even doing here. He was with a friend who had a slighter build but was equally as handsome but just didn’t exude the same confidence.

“Can we get you ladies a drink?” the American said.


Short Story: Aggressively dating: Too Safe?


Angie took a long drink of her tea before she answered her friend’s numerous questions. She didn’t want to hurt Savy’s feelings or come across as a prude.

“I understand the appeal, but I didn’t like it,” Angie said slowly.

They were all sat in a small coffee shop just off Hampstead high street, a cozy place with a surprisingly large collection of poems that were stacked on messy wooden shelves around the store.

Savy shrugged, “well I loved it,”

“You would,” Sedra said with a smirk.

“A good spanking has its merits,” Jamie said sipping on her cappuccino.

“It’s more than spanking,” Savy said with a small smile, “it’s giving yourself over to someone completely and utterly, submitting yourself to their will. It’s freedom not thinking, being a purely carnal sensual creature. Surrendering in the most delicious of ways.”

“Well shit,” Jamie said, “when you put it like that,”

Savy’s laugh was soft and carefree, that a few people turned her way with shared smiles. Despite Savy’s talk of surrendering she knew exactly who she was and what she wanted.

Angie wished she had even an iota of Savy’s self-conviction.

“Alright,” Sedra said giving Savy a thoughtful look before focusing on Angie again, “now that Jamie’s feeling better, Angie you should try something less extreme, there is a mixer that Jamie has signed up to at a bar, it’s nice and safe.”

Angie nodded and the others began to discuss the type of guys Angie could go for, but Angie ignored them. As she was stuck by an odd thought, she was boring. Sedra had called the sub/dom thing extreme, and even though Angie had found the entire experience of being tied up bizarre she had also felt strangely liberated and feminine.

Savy had actually done her a favour, Angie no longer felt comfortable in her comfort zone. She didn’t want to be safe anymore, of course she didn’t want to be tied up either but she refused to be defined by one or the other.




Short Story: Aggressively dating: Sub or Dom?

I do not want to be the leader

















Angelina waited impatiently for Savanah to show, she felt the chill keenly in her tight dress that Savanah had forced her at scalpel point to get into earlier on.

“Okay, sorry I’m late,” Savy said breathlessly as she linked her arm through Angelina’s.

“It’s fine,” Angie said.

“I know Jamie was supposed to take out to a sensible bar and pick up guys, but she’s sick, and this way you can jump into the deep end.” Savy said.

She kept talking all the way until they stopped in front of a large handsomely built house in Kensington.

Savy knocked on the door, and it opened on its own accord.

“Sub or dom?” Savy said as she shrugged off her coat.

Angelina felt her heartbeat begin to race as she took her jacket off. Savy went to hang them up in a room off to the side as if she’d been here many times.

“Erm…?” Angie began unsure.

“O you’re definitely a sub,” she said with a sweet smile, “two subs please,” Savy said a little loudly.

Angie looked up just in time to see a black door opening, her mouth dropped open when she stepped through.

Savy got to her knees when she stepped through the door, her head bowed low. After a nervous moment Angie mimicked her friend’s actions.

Angie glanced around the darkened room at all the debauchery around her, chains, whips, objects she had never seen before and never wanted to.

Beside her were six other women all on their knees with their head bowed.

A man in a swanky suit came forward and put his hand on a woman with darkly curly hair.

“I have a thing for afro’s” he said softly. “Will you follow my every order?”


“Good, get up and follow me.”

She obeyed him, a small smile on her face.

Angie was shocked and outraged but the girls around her looked envious.

Savy gave her an encouraging smile quickly before looking back down again as a man approached her. He spoke softly and had a light French accent.

“Will you follow my every order?” the Frenchman asked.

“Yes,” Savy purred diminutively.

Time passed as different girls were chosen, Angie began to feel less outraged and more offended, and just when she had convinced herself that no one would pick her a man approached her.

“Beautiful,” he said quietly, “will follow my every order?”

Angie didn’t think she just agreed, and the man helped her to her feet with a firm but gentle hand.


Short Story: Aggressively dating


Four girls, four very different approaches to dating.

Jamie, chic, trendy, fashion blogger.

Savanah, nice but naughty nurse.

Sedra, cool, calm often cruel admin assistant

Angelina part-time illustrator, part-time bakery assistant, hopeless romantic virgin.

The Agreement

“Sometimes when I look at you, I feel better about myself,” Jamie said shrugging out of her jacket and sitting down with the sort of effortless grace some people struggled to achieve.

Naturally beautiful and skilled with make-up and gifted with a trendy style Jamie was never short of attention, at times she could be a little vain and not to mention a tad tactless she was still one of Angelina’s best friends.

“I’m glad I could be of help,” Angelina said drily.

“But on a serious note Angie,” Savanah said with a sigh, her mouth forming a perfect pout that drew the attention of a few guys by the bar.

Savanah was all natural beauty and innocence; she spoke softly and even appeared innocent and sweet at the first glance. An English Rose was what Jamie liked to call Savanah and it was true.

“On a serious note?” Sedra said sarcastically, “on a fucking cataclysmic, world ending, I can’t believe you are almost thirty and you are still a virgin note! That’s the note we are talking, I mean Angie you aren’t even ugly!”

Savanah winced, even Jamie gave Sedra a look of commiseration, Angelina used to Sedra’s straight forward attitude didn’t even respond.

“Dradra darling we are only twenty five –” Jamie began.

“That’s just a hop, skip and jump into thirty,” Sedra said, then took a deep breath, “Angie if you’re you know into women we would understand.”

All three of her friends nodded as one.

Angelina felt her face warm, and she sipped her drink so she wouldn’t have to meet their eyes. ‘So because I haven’t had sex ever I’m a lesbian?’ The thought had crossed her mind once, but it had been quickly crushed when a guy had walked passed her and her stomach filled with butterflies. She was straight and single.


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