Short Story: The Struggle for Perfection part 4

“I’m sorry,”
Her eyes snapped up.
“Too personal?” He said and he walked away from the door, still keeping a distance between them, as if he knew she was afraid and didn’t want to startle her, but at the same time moving away from the door.
Olivia smiled.
“I’ve broken into your apartment, your personal space and you…” She shook her head.
He smiled and looked at her and she felt a blush hit her cheeks.
“So, I should go.” She said slowly.
“And you are welcome to come back –”
“Really? Just like that?” She said taken aback by how easy going he was taking everything.
“Sure, though I don’t think you need to lose any more weight Olivia, but then I’ve always thought you looked perfect.” He said with a shrug.
He said it so casually, something so personal, so intimate, like he had known her for a while, like they always spoke like this.
Olivia blinked, not sure what to do with herself or the compliments, she looked up at him; his eyes were so brown, like deep mahogany. He saw too much and for once the news didn’t disturb her.
“Well erm, thank you.”
“For the compliment or for letting you use my place?” He said cocking his head to the side.
“Your quite forward, Isaiah.” She said and noted his surprise at her using his name.
“And you didn’t answer my question Olivia.” He said with an easy smile, everything he did seemed effortless, even his posture, his arms loosely folded one long leg kicked casually over the other.
Olivia found herself smiling.
“For both,” She said before leaving.

Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost part three

It looked like multi-coloured strobe lights, dancing behind his eyelids.

“So many colours.” Jared breathed softly.

Jared followed the connections, the vast connections, there was so many, almost too many. Too much data, too much everything, so many people were on electronic devices right now, and Jared could see it all. He was connected to them all, everything about these people was his to command to exploit. It was overwhelming him, Jared tried to resist, he tried to block all the data crashing into him.

Jared broke the connection, he pushed himself away from the desk, as he coughed and sputtered. It was too much, he had forgotten how much data there was out there, far too much, things just didn’t get deleted, they got re-routed, hidden, locked away. But they were always there, cyber space was a hoarder, it didn’t like to throw anything away.

Jared took a deep breath; he shouldn’t try and fight the data; that was his mistake. Jared reached for the connection again, the data hit him like a wrecking ball, but he didn’t fight it, he let it him flow through him. He felt himself relax, as another connection headed towards him; it was one of his neighbours, she was transferring a large sum of money to her son who was at University in Leeds. Another connection, someone buying a large amount of chocolate bars, another connection someone illegally downloading music, another connection someone trying to hack into the police database, another connection someone streaming a movie, another connection.

Wait!’ Jared thought, he tried to go back, he had to stop the person hacking into the police database, it was difficult, more connections where heading his way, he couldn’t go back, he blinked, he was growing dizzy from the various colours. Jared tried to look back, the connections resisted, Jared tried a new tack, he flowed backwards. ‘There!’ He thought, spotting the connection.

Bumping into you part 6

Farid was a little surprised by how small her apartment was, his apartment was maybe three times bigger than hers, but hers looked lived in, pictures lined the walls, stacks of DVD’s were neatly stacked on a shelf, opposite an even larger stack of books, a desk was squashed into the corner of the room where numerous files sat threatening to topple over.

“Someone takes there work home.” he said nodding to the stack.

“O erm” she seemed a little nervous as she reached for the stack and knocked a few of the flies over. “It’s usually not so messy” she said as quickly re-stacked the files.

Farid chuckled, “You know I don’t know your name.”

She smiled and stood up “Andrea, but everyone calls me Andi.”


“Andrea” he said slowly, drawing out her name.

Andi tried not to stare at him, as he tilted his head slightly and said her name again as though he didn’t think it was her name, he was so tall in her apartment, so imposing, whatever aftershave he was wearing had filled the entire room and was making her a little dizzy with the heady scent. ‘He’s engaged, he’s engaged, good as married’ she tried to tell herself, but all that warning seemed to disappear as she looked back up at him.

“Andi, it’s a beautiful name” he said slowly “I’m Farid.” He reached out his hand, and she hesitated for a moment before she put her own hand out.

He stared at her as they shook hands and it took all her will to keep eye contact, his eyes where so pretty, greenish-brown surrounded by the thickest longest lashes she had ever seen. ‘Why do guys always have the longest eyelashes they don’t even appreciate it’ she thought finally breaking eye contact.