Short Story: Galactic Confessionary part 4

Yin and Yang

Zachary had been sat in the booth for almost an hour. Outside the confessionary was exceptionally usually busy with people picketing that the confessionary give up the location of the unknown woman who had sought to consort with an angel. Despite the angels not formally or officially coming out to confirm anything, the people in the surrounding galaxies had rallied. Nothing brought people together like a good witch hunt.

Zachary had paid for almost five hours. The man at the front had almost dropped the Heavian jewels Zachary had dropped onto his lap, unbelieving that he held one of the most precious jewels in the known galaxies.

Zachary straightened in the surprisingly comfy seat when he heard her approach, the being that by stepping forward could ruin everything the higher angels had always preached. But Zachary hadn’t come here to drag her into the limelight she so stoutly avoided. He had come to confess.

“Good Morning,” the voice said in the universal language, her tone pleasant and unintentionally compelling.

How anyone after having head her voice could believe her to be anything but an angel was beyond him. Yet he was still amazed anew that she even existed.

“Good Morning,” Zachary responded in the universal language, then added in a lower tone so only her ears would hear; “it is nice to finally meet you.”

She sucked in a breath and Zachary felt himself being stared at intently through the partition.

“So it is true,” she whispered.

“It is indeed,” he said slowly, and hesitated; once he spoke out loud the truth the higher angels would be here in a matter of moments closely followed by every vigilante, good Samaritan and concerned citizen. But he was ready for every eventuality, it was the reason he had come so early, to step up a small telepad inside the booth, he would teleport directly out of the booth and into Haven itself.


Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Twelve

Suddenly she turned and ran out of the room.

Jared had been prepared for this, he told the camera across the street to turn, they saw directly into the house. Tanisha ran for the phone. She tried her Mum first, the line was engaged, then her Dad, the same thing happened. Jared had disconnected the phone.

Tanisha ran out of the living room, Jared put the TV on to static. Controlling the TV, had been difficult, because for Jared to control an object, he would either have to be in the immediate vicinity or connect to it via Wi-Fi, and since the TV wasn’t smart he had gone down to where Tanisha lived and connected with the TV, testing his control by changing the channel and controlling the volume.

Tanisha took one look at the TV, screamed and ran from the room. The static seemed to work.

Tanisha was crying now, she ran back into her room and closed her laptop, she unplugged the TV, and sat on the front porch sobbing.

“I feel sorry for her.” Jade said softly.

“So do I.” Jared said slowly, as they watched Tanisha still crying.

“Let’s not do that ever again.” Jade said.

“Let’s hope no one ever gives us a reason to do it again.” Jared amended.

“I’m glad Salma was avenged, and I think I’m going to give my own laptop a rest, maybe go outside, and play or something.” Jade said, she looked a little disturbed as she turned away from the monitor, and Jared mourned the loss of her innocence.

“You’re really powerful J,” Jade said smiling at him. “I’m so glad you’re good, because,” her eyes shifted to the screen, “imagine if you were evil.” She said meeting his gaze; the serious look on her face didn’t suit her youthful face.

Jared laughed, “Don’t worry; no dreams of world domination here.”

Jade ginned. “Don’t worry J, one day, you’ll use your powers, you’ll save people, or at the very least police them online.”

“One day.” Jared said nodding, then he severed his connection to his ghost.

Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Nine

Jared hovered outside Jade’s bedroom.

“What did you find?” Jade said eagerly, as she looked up at him.

She was stood behind her wardrobe putting some of her clothes in her suitcase, school was starting soon, and she was leaving soon. Jared hated it when she left, the house always felt quieter, with just him and his Mum.

“It’s difficult Jade,” Jared said slowly.

Jade frowned, “What do you mean? Did you find him?” She said, closing the wardrobe door and coming to sit on her bed.

Jared closed the door and walked towards her.

“I’ve found her,” Jared corrected.

Jade’s mouth dropped open.

“I knew it! I knew you could do it!” She said breathlessly. “Justice! Finally!”

“Jade listen to me,” He said seriously. “We can’t tell anyone, people would ask too many questions.”

Jade nodded, but her eyes where too bright, too excited.

“Swear it Jade.” Jared said firmly.

“I swear.” She said her brow furrowing. “What’s wrong? What did you find?”

“Her name is Tanisha, she just lives in Chalk Farm –”

“O my God, that’s not far from here!” Jade said, looking out the window, as though Tanisha would pop up.

“J? What did you find?” Jade said again, her face serious.

“She’s had a really rough childhood –”

“So?!” Jade burst out. “I always hear that excuse at school from the teachers, the bullies are having a hard time at school or at home, well do you know what, so is everyone!” Jade said she was screaming now, tears in her eyes.

“Jade shush!” Jared said standing; he really didn’t want his Mum to come in.

“No! Why are you making excuse, you know I used to get bullied!” She said wiping her eyes. “People always make excuses for bullies, rewarding them when they act like how they are supposed to be acting in the first place! Hard times should not be an excuse for bad behaviour!”

“I know that,” he said hugging his sister. “I’m just saying we have to be cautious, in our punishment.”

“They should get punished the same as everyone else.” Jade said still wiping her eyes.

“Can I tell you about her, and if you still want to punish her harshly then we can okay?” He said slowly.

Jade stepped out of his embrace. “Okay.” She said softly.

Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost part four

A few miles away from his house, Jared commanded the Laptop the hacker was using to turn its webcam on, he bled all the information from the Laptop at the same time.

Mr George Robert Omer, Twenty seven, he lived alone and worked as probation officer. Even though he had been living at his current address for over five years, he rented it from month to month. His laptop was almost a year old, yet it didn’t have many files, ten word documents, that didn’t tell him anything about George. He was a ghost online, he was good, but Jared was better.

As the picture came on Jared saw George over his laptop. He looked younger in real life, dark hair that had grown too long, obscuring some of his face, a natural tan that hinted at tropical roots, bright green eyes that were focused on the screen in deep concentration, behind him, Jared could see an amazingly tidy kitchen. A ginger cat, lounged on the deck. Jared watched the man, he was quick, bypassing the firewall in no time at all, Jared hesitated, his first instinct was to stop the man, but he needed more information, this man could be doing a bad thing for the right reasons, such as Jared.

George had gotten in, and what he found on the police database shocked Jared.

The head of police was siphoning funds into his own personal accounts, and George had somehow found out and was trying to stop him, Jared felt a warning in his head, he realised to late, George had been found out, a second firewall had been set up, and George had been detected. Jared watched as George tried to backtrack, to pull out, but the firewall was too strong, if the police detected him, he was done. Jared felt his hands clench into fists. ‘Should I help?

Jared looked up to see how panicked George looked, typing frantically on his laptop; they were closing in on him. Jared stepped in; he commanded the internet feed to stop.

Jared’s laptop switched off, his connection with cyber space lost Jared looked around, all the lights had turned off, the back-up generator, he had set up last year, quickly kicked in.