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Poems: ‘The letter: 2012’ and ‘Shudder’

The letter: 2012

I dreamt one day the world would end,

That this to me, this letter send:

I, done with life, though it seems wrong

I wish to cease my spinning song

So adieu, say I to life and love

And away I go like a soft white dove… 



Oft I have felt that cold hand

On this warm shoulder

Its depth doth reach me from another land

Dark with deeds untold, closer it crawls colder.

Shudder, it takes

and with it lays wake,

to sleep and dreams

As once touched,

one never screams.

Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Revolutioshire

Revshire Skyline


Revolutioshire (pronounced rev-a-lutia-shire/ from the Latin word revolution, ‘a turnaround’) is a fictional city in the play ‘The Angels Choice’ and is the primary setting of the play. Within the play Revolutioshire or Revshire as the characters in the play sometimes refer to it – is portrayed as one of the largest cities in New England. The City is inspired by the Industrial era of England. The City is the home of Salathiel – the protagonist and the Angel referred to in the title; ‘The Angel’s choice’

Fictional History:

Revshire – Started off as a settlement of people but grew rapidly due to the influx of people flooding into the city to find work.  A new city, it expanded rapidly as numerous factories where built in the surrounding area – a train system ran from Revshire to Factory town.  These years in which Revshire grew in size is referred to as ‘The Auctus years’ growth in Latin. The Play is set hundred years after the auctus years – though the growth of the city has come to a standstill the city can’t seem to overcome the industrial like era it is in. This is linked to a curse that is thought to be placed upon the town known as ‘The Fallen’ according to the curse – An Angel fell in love with a human – but the human did not return his love – in the Angels rage he killed the women saying ‘if he couldn’t have her then no one can’. For a creature as pure as an Angel to spill blood – the consequences where disastrous – The Angels became known as ‘The Fallen’ without Angels human beings lost all hope in everything.

Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 2 con’t 4

Charles: Edmund you are needed inside at once your mother calls for you – it is urgent!

Edmund: Come now Charles – do you not see I am with a guest – a most famous guest – will you not me allow the honour of re-acquainting you with her?

Charles: I wish for no such honour – I already know of her – and you know my opinion of such a person being on the grounds – your mother and the rest of the guests are waiting.

Salathiel: (She rises) Do you have a problem with me Mr. Wentworth?

Edmund: Charles come now – that was not very gentlemanly of you – shake hands with her – I assure you – I have been speaking with her and I confirm that she is not some sought of – well I don’t know she is perfectly normal

Charles: I thought you agreed to stay away from her? Come away – before we are seen –

 Salathiel: (Shakes her head and retreatsI should have known you where just like the rest –

Edmund: No Salathiel – I was merely saying you are not weird or even wicked but are normal – I was complementing you

Salathiel: That is what you take for a compliment –

Charles: As far as I am considered it is more than you deserve – keep away from these lands lest you taint them with you unnaturalness (He steps towards Salathiel shoos her away)

Edmund: Charles stop! Salathiel please let me explain, I was merely –

Salathiel: I shall not stay where I am not wanted good day!  

She runs off the stage leaving the letter behind.

Edmund: That was unnecessary Charles! You have run her away! What in heavens has gotten into you?

Charles: I was merely doing what was right – you should not be seen talking with her – she will put all sorts of evil ideas in your head – she is an aberration

Edmund: You are being dishonest with me Charles! What is it? Does she really have something on you? Because I have never seen you act in such a harsh manner – there must be a reason for it! I know my mother is not really calling for me – why did you break us up? Answer me!

Charles: I cannot say! (He turns away to leave)

Edmund: (Edmund grabs his arm to stop him and looks at him in the eyes) you cannot or you will not? Tell me Charles? What is the matter? What are you keeping from me?

Charles: Ask your mother – she sent me out here – why I know not she simply whispered about Salathiel knowing too much – what of – she wouldn’t say.

Edmund: What could Salathiel know – and why is it important?

Charles: I know not – I have heard whispers and rumours – all to do with the factories. (Pause) But I am sorry for breaking up you discussion – but I was forced to obey, your mother was adamant – I have never seen her so fierce –

Edmund: What is going on – my mother is so altered since I am back – I don’t believe I know her –I shall see Salathiel again, my mother shan’t find out – and you will apologise to her! In the mean time I shall get to the bottom of this factory business, it seems to the key to all this unrest.

Charles: Edmund, I beg of you do not! I shall apologise but, your mother if she knows that you –

Edmund: Charles, be still I shall not betray you – we shall make quite investigations – only you and I shall know – from hence – when my mother tells you something – I also want to know – it seems that she is purposely keeping me out of the loop – but that stops today.

[Exit Stage]

Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 2 con’t 3

Salathiel: (She steps back blinking in puzzlement then realisation dawns on her face and she takes a step towards him reaching out her handI am no ghost Mr. Dashwood! It is I Salathiel – what an honour it is to meet you. Eleanor speaks so highly of you. Forgive me wondering about your grounds I was merely –

Edmund: Nonsense – you are no stranger here, call me Edmund please! These grounds are as much yours as they are mine – if anything they are more yours – you know them more than I do! It is you whom I am honoured to meet – you are something of a legend around here (he winks and she attempts to smile) Well I have been away for long.

Salathiel: Indeed your time away must have been quite something – I hear you travelled extensively – I envy you the places you must have travelled and the different people you spoke with –

Edmund: It is I who should envy you – I who call myself an explorer have not been to as many places as you – and you where only away for two years – you put my travels to shame. Eleanor tells me the locals where very taken in by you! You must tell me all and everything – the idea of new worlds and different cultures is somewhat a study of mine I find them excessively fascinating – they are so different from others

Salathiel: They are different – I don’t believe I have ever met a studier of worlds and cultures – this seems to be the day of discoveries. Pray what does this entail?

Edmund: O it entails all sorts – travelling around making notes on how they live – collecting samples – making notes on wildlife – I would not tell Charles this but I believe they are more learned about the world than us – I once met a man in Africa who could track a vulmar by merely looking at the leaves –

Salathiel: I daresay he has studied more than you – we can learn a great deal from such simply ways of living. People here are too concerned by money and power. I daresay that one day when our power to love overcomes our love of power the world will know peace.

Edmund:  I am in agreement with you – we must change our ways – we make life far too hard for ourselves

Salathiel: You believe we must change our ways?

Charles walks on stage quickly – he spots Salathiel and Edmund and immediately goes over to them – he appears nervous. 

Plays: The Angel’s Choice Act 2 Scene 1 con’t 2

(Damien gets up and speaks passionately – Salathiel looks at him with admiration)

Damien: Of course – of course – it’s the only way forward – mankind has to evolve – we have been in this rut for so long – because of this so-called curse – but I believe we have simply grown lazy – we need to wake up – change is coming Salathiel – you must have hope!

Salathiel: Indeed! Everyone must! I confess – I am much astounded by what you have said –

Damien: Of the Dashwood family?

Salathiel: Yes of that but of hope – I have never met anyone like you – whom thinks gladly of change – it is quite invigorating.

Damien: nor I you! – To meet someone who thinks as I do! Everyone is happy to stay in this squalor – but I am not – we need to take action and take it soon. We should join together Salathiel and the world shall change – they will have to – but first proof; meet me at Factory 12 two moons from now when the sun is low and I shall be sadly proven right.

Salathiel: I shall – and you will be proven wrong.

Damien: It was a pleasure to meet – I wish it was not about this sad business – but when fate is at work one cannot work against it – once I have proven to you – we shall begin a most amazing plan to liberate this world – you shall see – it will be most fantastic. I must go – factory work calls to me – I hope to see you in two moons from now.

(They stand up – he shakes her hand enthusiastically – he lays a quick hand on her cheek – she blushes and looks down – he smiles and exits the stage. She touches her cheek – there is a wondrous expression on her face)

Salathiel: What is this? Who is he? So – I cannot think of the word – he is strange – so different from the others – there is something – I cannot quite put my finger on it – who is he?! I must find out – It cannot be true what he has said – it simply cannot – he must be mistaken – my head is an disarray – I want to believe – this talk of change – I knew it was only a matter of time – (Laughs) Only a matter of time! (Starts to sing only a matter of time – light shines on her face – giving her a mystical appearance)

(Edmund comes on stage – he stops and watches her in awe – he slowly approaches her) 

Only a matter of time

Will see the world in bloom

I just don’t know whom

Shall set this peace

Only a matter of time

Even before I end this rhyme

Change will come 

Edmund: (claps) I have never heard such wondrous singing in all of Revolutioshire!

Salathiel: I – am – sorry – I should not be here – I was merely leaving a note for Eleanor –

Edmund: You know my sister? But then you must be…Salathiel? It cannot be – you are so much a woman since I last saw you – but of course – my word – my eyes must deceive me – Can it really be you? Do tell! You are not some ghost out to make mischief? (He comes closer to her raising his hands as if to touch her)

Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 1 con’t

Damien: I have heard whispers and rumours for some time – since my arrival from New England – my cousin Louisa – spoke of her friend who simply went missing – I decided to search around for this lost boy – for my heart was much grieved to hear of his disappearing. What I found has shocked and frightened me – it may do so to you

Salathiel: Pray go on – go on – I am a patient ear by your side.

Damien: This woman Victoria Dashwood of Avaritia – I scarcely wish to say it (pause) She is but a pretender – a woman who wants all and gives nothing – yes you may look at me with shock in your eyes – but I speak nothing but the truth – I have been told so by a trusted source – she only does such things to show off her wealth – what benefit to the poor have you seen her money do? I would not wish to speak so rashly of any acquaintance of yours but I have seen so myself –

Salathiel: You do speak too harshly! These are most definitely the work of much vicious rumours and lies! Though she is a woman of many vices, I shall grant you that – I have seen her generosity first hand – she went down to the orphanage –

Damien: Yes the orphanage – the orphanage! Where she plucked those whom parents did not see fit to raise and she brought them in – to work at her factories – to tend to her every whim and will – but in secret – so that no one could accuse her unjustly – she is false. She has fine words and an angelic appearance – is that what is to be associated with true virtue? Nay, I think not!

Salathiel: You are wrong, forgive me – you have been given the wrong information – I was at the orphanage that day. I saw her – in a light I never thought she possessed such gentility and grace when she spoke to those motherless children – she was more than myself that day – and if I had not respected her before – I loved her then. She may have her vices indeed she is too quick to anger – but generosity – that is her greatest trait – a trait which her children share in abundance.

Damien: Salathiel you are wrong in this instant – I may have been given the wrong information before – but I have seen it – I have seen her in a most unbecoming light – pray tell me – have you ever been to some of there new factories before?

Salathiel: I was at the unveiling –

Damien: – I speak of the new ones the ones Mr. Dashwood has just opened – not that one he unveiled and made a show of to the entire town – the others – where people keep getting hurt because he has hired too few people – you know of what I speak of

Salathiel: My mother did speak of him hiring too few people – but she has seen no children sent to her –

Damien: I see that they have a loyal and most just friend in you – whom anyone would be lucky to have – but I am quiet sure of what I speak of – how to right this wrong – ah – will you do me the honour of accompanying me to one of these factories? If I am wrong – I shall go straight to Mr. Dashwood and tell him myself of the vicious rumours I not only believed but help spread – as I have told you – I shall beg for his immediate forgiveness and if he does not – I shall through my self at his feet. Does that seem just to you?

Salathiel: You need not have to go through such extremes – when you are proven wrong – but for arguments sake – and to prove to you that such wickedness does not exist – I shall grant you the honour – when shall we prove you wrong?

Damien: You are too good – the whole world is good and agreeable in your eyes – but it is not and we should take pains to see that it is and not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to such things.

Salathiel: Indeed – we should not – (pause) you believe the world can change?

Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 1

Act 2 Scene 1

(Damien is setting on a bench – he looks upwards with narrowed eyes murmuring under his breath – Salathiel enters the stage – she starts when she sees him sitting there – they stare at each other and she turns to leave.)

Damien: (Aside) by heavens she has come, Sweet nectar shall I pour into thine lovely ear, where’th she shall – be mine for the taking, I follow her only to serve my turn upon her – ‘Tis here, but yet confused: Knavery’s plain face is never seen till used.

Salathiel: Have you been permitted into this garden?

(He gets up and plucks a rose – she looks at him questioningly)

Damien: When I saw such a beauty I was tempted in, I am merely admiring – no harm shall come of it – I am apt to admiring beautiful things though I do not see them as oft as I would like to – I daresay it has given me a finer appreciation of such fine things.

Salathiel: A just deduction – but this is a private garden – and I don’t believe –

Damien: Ah you have caught me – I am a trespasser – but should nature merely be for a few only to enjoy – if this was mine I am sure – the whole world shall be invited – that should be the way of things.

Salathiel: Indeed it should – nature is no ones possession, but be that as it may – I suggest you leave – the owners are perhaps not as generous as you – they are

Damien: Selfish?

Salathiel: I would not go so far as to call them that – they seem to like what they like to themselves – I assure you not all who live on this property – would purposely keep such a treasure away from the world

Damien: Ah you are too good – they are selfish – call them what they are – it’s the only way they can change their behaviour – if they are constantly praised for such frivolity then why should they see different to act another way –

Salathiel: You judge them too harshly – the Lady of the house is always organising charity events.

Damien: (ASIDE: A strong heart shall weather all, yet a seed of doubt can break a stable foundation! A single sin is all it takes) I do not wish to speak so plainly with you – but there is something about you which compels me to go on – pray can I make you my confidant? I am Damien of Malum

Salathiel: Salathiel.

(They shake hands)

You can trust me! And I assure you – whatever you have heard or believe about this family may be corrected within a moment. Pray tell me.

Damien: I do not know – it so much – I begin to question it myself – perhaps I am wrong – yet if I do not get this burden off – I feel as though I may fall to pieces

(Salathiel takes a hesitant step forward – then boldly walks to the bench and taps the space beside her – her eyes never leave his face. He turns and smiles wickedly – then turns towards her and goes and sits down hesitantly)

Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 1 Scene 3, Part 2

(Charles looks as though he is about to say something – but Jack, who has been in the rubbish heap, suddenly climbs out with a tin in his hand which he rattles – he steps towards Charles and Edmund. Charles retreats away from the boy – Edmund hesitantly goes towards him. )

Jack: Spare change? Spare change?

Edmund: Do you have a name young one?

(He takes a coin out of his pocket and puts it in the tin)

Jack: My name is Jack sirs, I ain’t got no surnames I can remember – I been a factory boy all me life, came up here to Rev-shire get factory work see – but they be doing something else there – I made me escape – it ain’t what it looks like sirs.

Edmund: I am Edmund Dashwood, pleased to make your acquaintance.

(He reaches out his hand to shake Jacks – but Jack takes in Edmunds appearance for the first time – he seems speechless)

Jack: A Dashwood! – I meant no offence Sir, I meant none – I best be off – I weren’t even here.

(He runs off stage – tripping once – he looks fearful. Charles comes towards Edmund trembling slightly)

Edmund: What in heavens name was that! He meant no offence by what? I cannot make out his meaning – he seemed fearful when I stated whom I was. Why should he be fearful of me – my family are respected by the factory workers, did you not say they looked to my mother as there own …Charles???

(Charles is trembling)


Charles: I think it best we leave – these people – these factory workers, they are so ungrateful, your mother has given them more than they deserve, I do not think it is safe for you here Edmund.

(He attempts to pull Edmund away – but Edmund will not move)

Edmund: There is something most strange going on in this place – everything seems so altered, why should he fear me? Charles do you not notice it? I shall have to consult my parents – my mother will –

Charles: No! No Edmund that is hardly wise. I do own that things seem to be vastly altered; it seems more Lugubrious than ever if that is possible. But think of your mother, she has had such a burden placed upon her by our untimely arrival, her nerves are not to be trifled with I think it best that you do not trouble her with such trivial things – leave it be at least till after the ball.

Edmund: My Families name is hardly trivial Charles, though there is some truth in what you say – her work does consume her. I shall let the matter rest until the ball and no later –

Charles: That is all I ask! Now come it is unsafe here.

[Exit Stage]