Article for Legacy events

Hello and Happy New Year everyone.

I will be posting much more and as a testament to this please pop over to legacy events who kindly asked me to write an article for them about inspirational pro-black role-models.



A short Introduction by me

Hello, Annabel here

Anyway, I’m new so I thought I might just introduce myself, well basically my name is Annabel, which I am sure you have guessed hehe. I am studying English Literature and Creative Writing. I love my course! I love reading and I love writing, I live for it. I will try my best to keep you up to date on any of my random thoughts. But why should you be interested in my blog, I have no idea! I’m just me.

I wrote a little poem which I hope you might like:

I wish I knew you

Let’s just pretend

If I was you and you was me

Could I really be you? And you be me?

I’d have liked to see;

You and me

If I was you and you where me

I’d be there and you’d be here

If you and I where me and you

I would’ve known just what to do.

So I pretend;

That’s I do

If I was you and you where me

You’d be here. Me and you.