Short Story: Aggressively dating: Too Safe?


Angie took a long drink of her tea before she answered her friend’s numerous questions. She didn’t want to hurt Savy’s feelings or come across as a prude.

“I understand the appeal, but I didn’t like it,” Angie said slowly.

They were all sat in a small coffee shop just off Hampstead high street, a cozy place with a surprisingly large collection of poems that were stacked on messy wooden shelves around the store.

Savy shrugged, “well I loved it,”

“You would,” Sedra said with a smirk.

“A good spanking has its merits,” Jamie said sipping on her cappuccino.

“It’s more than spanking,” Savy said with a small smile, “it’s giving yourself over to someone completely and utterly, submitting yourself to their will. It’s freedom not thinking, being a purely carnal sensual creature. Surrendering in the most delicious of ways.”

“Well shit,” Jamie said, “when you put it like that,”

Savy’s laugh was soft and carefree, that a few people turned her way with shared smiles. Despite Savy’s talk of surrendering she knew exactly who she was and what she wanted.

Angie wished she had even an iota of Savy’s self-conviction.

“Alright,” Sedra said giving Savy a thoughtful look before focusing on Angie again, “now that Jamie’s feeling better, Angie you should try something less extreme, there is a mixer that Jamie has signed up to at a bar, it’s nice and safe.”

Angie nodded and the others began to discuss the type of guys Angie could go for, but Angie ignored them. As she was stuck by an odd thought, she was boring. Sedra had called the sub/dom thing extreme, and even though Angie had found the entire experience of being tied up bizarre she had also felt strangely liberated and feminine.

Savy had actually done her a favour, Angie no longer felt comfortable in her comfort zone. She didn’t want to be safe anymore, of course she didn’t want to be tied up either but she refused to be defined by one or the other.





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