Short Story: Aggressively dating: Sub or Dom?

I do not want to be the leader

















Angelina waited impatiently for Savanah to show, she felt the chill keenly in her tight dress that Savanah had forced her at scalpel point to get into earlier on.

“Okay, sorry I’m late,” Savy said breathlessly as she linked her arm through Angelina’s.

“It’s fine,” Angie said.

“I know Jamie was supposed to take out to a sensible bar and pick up guys, but she’s sick, and this way you can jump into the deep end.” Savy said.

She kept talking all the way until they stopped in front of a large handsomely built house in Kensington.

Savy knocked on the door, and it opened on its own accord.

“Sub or dom?” Savy said as she shrugged off her coat.

Angelina felt her heartbeat begin to race as she took her jacket off. Savy went to hang them up in a room off to the side as if she’d been here many times.

“Erm…?” Angie began unsure.

“O you’re definitely a sub,” she said with a sweet smile, “two subs please,” Savy said a little loudly.

Angie looked up just in time to see a black door opening, her mouth dropped open when she stepped through.

Savy got to her knees when she stepped through the door, her head bowed low. After a nervous moment Angie mimicked her friend’s actions.

Angie glanced around the darkened room at all the debauchery around her, chains, whips, objects she had never seen before and never wanted to.

Beside her were six other women all on their knees with their head bowed.

A man in a swanky suit came forward and put his hand on a woman with darkly curly hair.

“I have a thing for afro’s” he said softly. “Will you follow my every order?”


“Good, get up and follow me.”

She obeyed him, a small smile on her face.

Angie was shocked and outraged but the girls around her looked envious.

Savy gave her an encouraging smile quickly before looking back down again as a man approached her. He spoke softly and had a light French accent.

“Will you follow my every order?” the Frenchman asked.

“Yes,” Savy purred diminutively.

Time passed as different girls were chosen, Angie began to feel less outraged and more offended, and just when she had convinced herself that no one would pick her a man approached her.

“Beautiful,” he said quietly, “will follow my every order?”

Angie didn’t think she just agreed, and the man helped her to her feet with a firm but gentle hand.



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