Short Story: Aggressively dating


Four girls, four very different approaches to dating.

Jamie, chic, trendy, fashion blogger.

Savanah, nice but naughty nurse.

Sedra, cool, calm often cruel admin assistant

Angelina part-time illustrator, part-time bakery assistant, hopeless romantic virgin.

The Agreement

“Sometimes when I look at you, I feel better about myself,” Jamie said shrugging out of her jacket and sitting down with the sort of effortless grace some people struggled to achieve.

Naturally beautiful and skilled with make-up and gifted with a trendy style Jamie was never short of attention, at times she could be a little vain and not to mention a tad tactless she was still one of Angelina’s best friends.

“I’m glad I could be of help,” Angelina said drily.

“But on a serious note Angie,” Savanah said with a sigh, her mouth forming a perfect pout that drew the attention of a few guys by the bar.

Savanah was all natural beauty and innocence; she spoke softly and even appeared innocent and sweet at the first glance. An English Rose was what Jamie liked to call Savanah and it was true.

“On a serious note?” Sedra said sarcastically, “on a fucking cataclysmic, world ending, I can’t believe you are almost thirty and you are still a virgin note! That’s the note we are talking, I mean Angie you aren’t even ugly!”

Savanah winced, even Jamie gave Sedra a look of commiseration, Angelina used to Sedra’s straight forward attitude didn’t even respond.

“Dradra darling we are only twenty five –” Jamie began.

“That’s just a hop, skip and jump into thirty,” Sedra said, then took a deep breath, “Angie if you’re you know into women we would understand.”

All three of her friends nodded as one.

Angelina felt her face warm, and she sipped her drink so she wouldn’t have to meet their eyes. ‘So because I haven’t had sex ever I’m a lesbian?’ The thought had crossed her mind once, but it had been quickly crushed when a guy had walked passed her and her stomach filled with butterflies. She was straight and single.

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