Short Story for Halloween: An Intruder

Dark Street

She’s sure and steady as she picks up the final blade. The blade is light almost weightless and she marvel at its beauty; made from obsidian and sharpened to absolute perfection it’s lethal. She tucks it into the small of her back where a small holder she designed eagerly receives its prize.
Dressed in black, she merges with the shadows as she steps out of her front door.
The night embraces her like an old friend, even the street light seems to skirt away from her, as though afraid.
She’s mapped out the route a hundred times in her mind and walked the path even more.
Her steps are measured but rapid, her focus an almost physical force.
She’s nearing her destination and here things become complex, but she’s prepared. She edges to a side of a building readying her body, which she has spent months priming for this very day, success her only outcome.
The bricks on the building have been dampened by the rain, but again, she’s made provisions for this, and has been setting aside time every day to file away at the mortar so there are groves for her fingers in several buildings along the way.
With a steadying breath she places her fingers in the groves, her path clear she begins to climb, she works her way up with a cool efficiency which though expected surprises even her.
She allows herself an almost smile at scaling the four floored building.
Up on the roof, though away from prying eyes; is far more dangerous and the rain has added a new challenge to her balance.


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