My Husband, his Mistress and I part 12

My Husband his Mistress and I pic

I’ve ordered everything from listening devises to night vision lenses. Yeah I have far too much time on my hands, but this is just too interesting to give up. It’s been five weeks since that fateful day and my husband and his mistress, okay fine I know her name I just think it’s more mysterious to say mistress, have seen each other every day at work but also three times outside of work.

Its Friday afternoon, the weather is beyond beautiful and I’ve rented a black Toyota Yaris, not exactly James Bond, but at least it’s silent. My husband and his – okay fine, Michaela are in a hot red convertible Audi – not exactly incognito it’s almost like they want to get caught, but then again I did tell my husband I was off to my sister’s house for the weekend – she lives in Surrey and is currently on holiday with her husband and two children because yeah some people lead ordinary lives and don’t get off on following their husband and his mistress around town.

I’m three cars behind and I’m having the time of my life – my husband has been on edge lately because I’m getting bolder and bolder with my hint dropping and it’s hysterical to watch him squirming. From my recordings I know he has tried to break it off but Michaela is adamant that they continue and so far he is too powerless to deny her.

They pull over and I almost miss and go straight past, I quickly mount the curb, my heart hammering in my chest because my husband keeps looking back, the car has tinted windows, but still he is looking right in my direction and I’m breathless with anxiety.


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