My Husband, his Mistress and I part 9

My Husband his Mistress and I pic

I’m buzzing – I feel like a live wire set to explode. I usually get up twenty minutes before Marcus, but today, well today was different. I’ve been up for an hour and even though I haven’t hadn’t had a single drop of coffee; I’ll probably need to be peeled off the ceiling.

I finally hear Marcus get out of the bathroom and a bolt of electricity shimmers through me. I’ve just finished his breakfast despite being up for so long – he likes his meals warm. I quickly glance at my reflection in the mirror – my eyes are too bright and my smile is too big but I can’t help it. Last night Marcus fell asleep on the couch almost as soon as he had walked in – so uncharacteristic that I stared at him for a good twenty minutes.

“Morning Vivian,” a deep voice says.

I bite my lip, and plant a worried expression on my face before turning to face him.

The guilt in his eyes is too much and I feel my temper flare – he can’t cope to the truth already!

“Here,” I say thrusting a shake in front of his face, “I made you a special shake; it will clear your head.”

He sits reluctantly.

“Thank you,” Marcus says after he’s taken a healthy drink from his shake. “That really actually helps, you didn’t have to.”

Again with the guilt in his eyes.

Sensing he’s about to confess, I quickly say.

“Of course, I really want you to win that big case you’ve been working on.”

“O…right of course,” he says putting the shake to his lips once more.

“You certainly need your energy after yesterday’s activities.”

“What?” He says alarmed.

“The party,” I clarify innocently.

“O yeah erm yeah of course.” He clears his throat and his eyes look worried. “Listen about last night –”

Shit! I’ve pushed him too far.


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