My Husband, his Mistress and I part 6

My Husband his Mistress and I pic

I double park when I reach the building and kill the engine. I take out my binoculars; yes I spy on my neighbors, what else is a bored housewife to do? I fix the binoculars on the building, my heart is pumping so fast, it makes my hands shake and my vision is actually shaking, I’m trembling so badly. I try to take a few deep breaths but’s it’s no use, I need to know. I grab the binoculars with two hands, and turn it towards my husband’s floor. I zoom in, these are top of the line so their also night vision ready, because everyone knows dirty deeds are done in darkness. I spot him, he’s swaying, with his back to me, he’s gripping his desk for dear life, and a moment of concern passes through me, that’s before I spot something or someone on their knees in front of my husband giving him –
“O no she is not!” I gasp completely scandalised at the scene in front of me, I clasp a hand in front of my mouth, even though they can’t hear me from this far. My body is humming, and I’m completely riveted to the scene in front of me. The woman finally stands up, she’s also unsteady on her feet, I’ve never seen her before, but’s she’s definitely no aunt Unis, she’s beautiful, short curly hair so dark it looks like it’s absorbing the light around her, skin a beautiful polished gold that seems to glow, and even in her drunken straight she is still striking. She whispers something to my husband and he laughs. I haven’t seen him laugh in weeks. They start kissing and theirs some serious heavy yet clumsy petting. I notice something to the left, someone’s coming,


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