My Husband, his Mistress and I part 3

My Husband his Mistress and I pic

I’ve been married to my husband for almost ten years, we got married right after University, ‘sweethearts’ everyone called us, ‘destined to be’, they all proclaimed, and I believed them because despite everything, I love my husband, sure that love has dwindled from a roaring fire into a candle, but it’s there. It’s not like it used to be, but then he’s not the same, he never used to be a square, he was always the dependable type to be honest, but the man he’s turned into, that’s not the man I used to know. I digress, my husband, he’s a square, not capable of cheating on me because he’s just not that creative, O’ he’s good looking, he just doesn’t realise it, and the women he usually attracts soon lose interest when he starts to speak. It’s important you understand how much of a square he is, so you realise how out-of character would never have expected it, this affair was to me.

It’s 6:10am and my husband is at the breakfast table. Its Friday so he’s eating oatmeal, a slice of toast, unbuttered, with exactly 500ml of orange juice, yes he measures it. He eats methodically, until he finishes, not a crumb or spoonful wasted. That much I at least like about him. He gets up and takes his dish to the sink, rinses it and places it in the dishwasher. Its 6:18am.

“I’ll be back at ten forty five tonight, small work party to introduce the new receptionist.” He says pulling on his blazer, and fixing his watch, he eyes it critically and glances up at the three separate clocks in the kitchen before he is satisfied.

We both walk to the front door.

“See you later my darling,” he says.

I turn my head to accept his kiss.

“Bye my darling,” I reply sarcastically, but then everything I say is sarcastic, because there is no affection behind the words, it’s just something he says and something I have to reply to, so I’m sarcastic, expect I’ve been using that tone for so long now, I don’t think even he notices the difference.

“Work hard on your videos.” He smiles.

I return it with a tight smile before he exits.


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