Short Story: So I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 9

George, expecting Drew to protest at the lack of light, took out his phone and switched the torch on, he dimmed the light and shone the light onto his face and put a finger to his lips, the others nodded, their faces serious.

The descent down the stairs felt longer than the fifteen steps George knew it was, they moved so slowly, stopping twice and waiting in fearful silence when a creaking floorboard was triggered by a poorly placed foot.

The trio stood at the foot of the stairs for a long moment, each one afraid to make the first move. After a long moment George relunctantly tugged them along. They slowly shuffeled to the left as one.

“She’s there,” George said on a whisper, shining the light to his left.

Miss Levy was sat in an armchair her head slummed backwards, her eyes closed.

“O my God! She is dead.” Jamal said, and he sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

“You killed her.” Drew said his voice hushed.

“George would you get that light out of my face.” Miss Levy said opening her eyes suddenly and pinning them with a stare.

All three boys screamed and ran upstairs, slamming the door behind them.

The trio sunk to the floor of the living room breathing fast.

“You. Killed. Her. Now. She’s. A. Ghost!” Drew panted.

George was still too out of breath to respond, so he settled on glaring at him instead.


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