Short Story: So…I accidentally kidnapped my teacher part 7

George met Jamal’s gaze.
“I didn’t know you needed so much tutoring, but whatever,” Sharlene said, dropping the bag onto the table near the door, before she walked back into the kitchen, “Andrew, the butter,” she called over her shoulder.

Drew followed her reluctantly. “Don’t discuss any secret plans without me.” He said as he left.

“This is perfect,” Jamal said, his eyes alight as he looked at the handbag.

“What is? My life getting worse and worse, more people finding out, me being carted off to prison?” George said in despair.

“No, Shiner touched the bag, her prints are on it, let’s blame it on her.” Jamal whispered excitedly.

“We can’t do that!” George said angrily.

“Why not? Trust me George, no one would believe you would do something like this, but Shiner, she’s got criminal written all over her. She’s a rebel, people would believe she forced you. I’ll help you.” Jamal said nodding.

“No!” George said adamantly.

“O come on, like it didn’t pass through your head, when you saw her pick up the bag?” Jamal asked raising an eyebrow.

George shook his head.

“Yeah right.” Jamal snorted.


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