Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Twelve

Suddenly she turned and ran out of the room.

Jared had been prepared for this, he told the camera across the street to turn, they saw directly into the house. Tanisha ran for the phone. She tried her Mum first, the line was engaged, then her Dad, the same thing happened. Jared had disconnected the phone.

Tanisha ran out of the living room, Jared put the TV on to static. Controlling the TV, had been difficult, because for Jared to control an object, he would either have to be in the immediate vicinity or connect to it via Wi-Fi, and since the TV wasn’t smart he had gone down to where Tanisha lived and connected with the TV, testing his control by changing the channel and controlling the volume.

Tanisha took one look at the TV, screamed and ran from the room. The static seemed to work.

Tanisha was crying now, she ran back into her room and closed her laptop, she unplugged the TV, and sat on the front porch sobbing.

“I feel sorry for her.” Jade said softly.

“So do I.” Jared said slowly, as they watched Tanisha still crying.

“Let’s not do that ever again.” Jade said.

“Let’s hope no one ever gives us a reason to do it again.” Jared amended.

“I’m glad Salma was avenged, and I think I’m going to give my own laptop a rest, maybe go outside, and play or something.” Jade said, she looked a little disturbed as she turned away from the monitor, and Jared mourned the loss of her innocence.

“You’re really powerful J,” Jade said smiling at him. “I’m so glad you’re good, because,” her eyes shifted to the screen, “imagine if you were evil.” She said meeting his gaze; the serious look on her face didn’t suit her youthful face.

Jared laughed, “Don’t worry; no dreams of world domination here.”

Jade ginned. “Don’t worry J, one day, you’ll use your powers, you’ll save people, or at the very least police them online.”

“One day.” Jared said nodding, then he severed his connection to his ghost.


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