Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Eleven

Jared was really going to miss this connection. The feeling of being connected to everything was addictive, and if was really going to stop using his powers after this, he was going to have to go cold turkey. The connection was never really severed, so when he wanted to connect, it was barely a thought in his mind.
Tanisha’s laptop was already at the forefront of his mind.

Jared could hear Jade breathing beside him, she wasn’t happy and didn’t even look vindictive, just determined, that more than anything assured his conscious that they were doing the right thing.

Tanisha was on her Facebook, uploading a selfie she had just taken.

“She’s pretty.” Jade said surprised.

Jared raised his eyebrow.

She shrugged. “I can’t understand why she is jealous.”

“It’s not just about looks, Salma is popular, that’s why Tanisha hates her.”

“So because of that Tanisha thinks Salma should kill herself?” Jade said looking at the picture Tanisha was still uploading with disgust.

“Teach her a lesson.” Jade said, narrowing her eyes.

Jared took control of Tanisha’s laptop with an ease that both; thrilled and terrified him. He pulled up the pictures Jade had taken of Salma at the hospital whiles he cancelled Tanisha’s upload. He then bombarded Tanisha’s laptop with the images; he turned on her webcam, and placed it on a separate monitor. They watched her as she jumped back.
Jared kept the stream up, as Tanisha tried to turn off her laptop, but Jared bypassed the command easily. Tanisha backed up, her face so fearful that Jared felt a twinge of regret. But before he felt too bad, he began typing.

Salma Sinclair, 12 years old, on suicide watch because of your words.

Do you want to be a murderer?

Tanisha Parson’s?

Do you want to be a murderer?

Stop writing hate. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything!

Jared bombarded her with more pictures.

Tanisha had backed up to the wall, staring at the screen in horror.


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