Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Eight

He logged into Salma’s account, as he scrolled though all her messages, he wasn’t surprised to find out that she was also very popular online, except for a few snide comments, probably jealous people, but there were a few comments that where crossing the line. Jared shook his head as he continued reading, it was shocking how mean spirited people could be online, some people who could be perfectly civil in real life could turn into ogres online, thinking they were faceless, which made them untouchable. Jared clenched his teeth, ‘cowards,’ he thought angrily. Jared filtered through the messages; this was why he didn’t want his sister to have a Facebook, or twitter or Instagram.

Jared kept browsing, it would take forever, there where so many messages. ‘That’s what my power is for.’ He thought smiling, except he didn’t really know how to use his power to get what he wanted. Jared frowned as he opened his connection to the internet, even though he didn’t know what to do, it seemed his power did. It seemed filter through the messages at a lightning speed rate, and all the hate messages where highlighted suddenly before his eyes. Jared scanned the messages that had been highlighted, he noticed that a: Nish345, was making the most disturbing messages, his last entry chilled Jared.

Maybe you should just end it all.

The connection to Nish345 happened so fast that Jared was barely aware of it, suddenly he was connected to Nish345, they were online, posting a rude comment on someone else’s video. It was ridiculously easy to absorb all the information about this person straight from their laptop.

Tanisha Parsons, she lived in Chalk Farm, what shocked Jared the most was that she was only fourteen years old. He wondered how someone so young could be so mean-spirited, Jared rifled through her browsing history. It wasn’t just Salma this girl had been cyber-bullying it was several people.

Jared sat back from the laptop, she was too young for him to punish personally, he had been expecting someone older, an adult or an older teenager at least, not someone his age. His plan had been to find this person and have them roughed up, like he saw in the movies. Jared laughed at himself.
‘Why?’ Jared thought to himself, he firmly believed that people weren’t intrinsically evil, especially someone so young, he really hoped that she wasn’t just mean, just to be mean. Did he punish her? Or try to find a way to absolve her? He chose the latter.


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