Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Seven

Jared hadn’t been on his laptop in almost three days, it felt like an eternity, but he was afraid, afraid he might do something stupid. He had been looking out for George, walking past his house, but he seemed fine. The police weren’t breaking down his door, and George seemed to be lying low, hopefully his vigilante days were over.

Jared slowly made his way downstairs to his lair, he hesitated as he sat behind his desk; he ran a finger across his keyboard. ‘Gifts are supposed to be used.’ He remembered his sister saying, but what about gifts that where dangerous. But what made them dangerous? His powers weren’t intrinsically bad, but the potential was there, so much potential to do bad, that it scared him, and how could he control something that scared him? But he owed it to his sister, he owed it to Salma.

Jared closed his eyes and pressed down on the power key, the connections rushed towards him, before his laptop had even fully powered up. Jared sighed, how would he ever live without the connection once he finished this task? Jared coasted along with the connections; so much life was happening in cyber space, Skype messages, e-mails, messengers, chat-rooms, streaming of various music, films and games. Browsing, endless browsing. But he couldn’t stop, even though it would be so easy to get side-tracked, to become absorbed in other people’s lives especially when they put it out there so freely. Jared opened his eyes, but he could still feel the connection, humming at the back of his head, waiting for him like a ghost in the night, he could sense several things his brain was flagging up for his attention, but he needed to focus.


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