Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost Part Five

Jared heard his Mum’s footsteps.

“J?” She shouted.

Not wanting to be found in the basement, or what he liked to call his lair, Jared climbed upstairs and stepped through the hidden door and into his bedroom.

She walked into his room looking a little stricken.

“There has been a power cut of some sort, the whole road has blacked out.” She said.

Jared just stared at her for a few moments, then he ran outside.

It wasn’t just the whole road, he looked around as neighbours came out of their homes, Jared took out his phone, no signal. He jogged down the road, then another, and another. He had been jogging for fifteen minutes before he spotted some light. He had plunged almost all of Camden into darkness, with his command.


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