Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost part four

A few miles away from his house, Jared commanded the Laptop the hacker was using to turn its webcam on, he bled all the information from the Laptop at the same time.

Mr George Robert Omer, Twenty seven, he lived alone and worked as probation officer. Even though he had been living at his current address for over five years, he rented it from month to month. His laptop was almost a year old, yet it didn’t have many files, ten word documents, that didn’t tell him anything about George. He was a ghost online, he was good, but Jared was better.

As the picture came on Jared saw George over his laptop. He looked younger in real life, dark hair that had grown too long, obscuring some of his face, a natural tan that hinted at tropical roots, bright green eyes that were focused on the screen in deep concentration, behind him, Jared could see an amazingly tidy kitchen. A ginger cat, lounged on the deck. Jared watched the man, he was quick, bypassing the firewall in no time at all, Jared hesitated, his first instinct was to stop the man, but he needed more information, this man could be doing a bad thing for the right reasons, such as Jared.

George had gotten in, and what he found on the police database shocked Jared.

The head of police was siphoning funds into his own personal accounts, and George had somehow found out and was trying to stop him, Jared felt a warning in his head, he realised to late, George had been found out, a second firewall had been set up, and George had been detected. Jared watched as George tried to backtrack, to pull out, but the firewall was too strong, if the police detected him, he was done. Jared felt his hands clench into fists. ‘Should I help?

Jared looked up to see how panicked George looked, typing frantically on his laptop; they were closing in on him. Jared stepped in; he commanded the internet feed to stop.

Jared’s laptop switched off, his connection with cyber space lost Jared looked around, all the lights had turned off, the back-up generator, he had set up last year, quickly kicked in.


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