Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost part three

It looked like multi-coloured strobe lights, dancing behind his eyelids.

“So many colours.” Jared breathed softly.

Jared followed the connections, the vast connections, there was so many, almost too many. Too much data, too much everything, so many people were on electronic devices right now, and Jared could see it all. He was connected to them all, everything about these people was his to command to exploit. It was overwhelming him, Jared tried to resist, he tried to block all the data crashing into him.

Jared broke the connection, he pushed himself away from the desk, as he coughed and sputtered. It was too much, he had forgotten how much data there was out there, far too much, things just didn’t get deleted, they got re-routed, hidden, locked away. But they were always there, cyber space was a hoarder, it didn’t like to throw anything away.

Jared took a deep breath; he shouldn’t try and fight the data; that was his mistake. Jared reached for the connection again, the data hit him like a wrecking ball, but he didn’t fight it, he let it him flow through him. He felt himself relax, as another connection headed towards him; it was one of his neighbours, she was transferring a large sum of money to her son who was at University in Leeds. Another connection, someone buying a large amount of chocolate bars, another connection someone illegally downloading music, another connection someone trying to hack into the police database, another connection someone streaming a movie, another connection.

Wait!’ Jared thought, he tried to go back, he had to stop the person hacking into the police database, it was difficult, more connections where heading his way, he couldn’t go back, he blinked, he was growing dizzy from the various colours. Jared tried to look back, the connections resisted, Jared tried a new tack, he flowed backwards. ‘There!’ He thought, spotting the connection.


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