Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost part two

As Jared sat behind his computer, he felt a little lost. It had been almost two years since he had used, what he liked to call; his special ability. Ever since an unfortunate accident which almost resulted in; Jade being badly injured, he had vowed never to use his special ability again. It was too dangerous.

Jared ran his hands across the key board and thought of Salma; she was one of his sister’s louder friends. Always the centre of attention, charming, funny and pretty, she was never short of friends, and so for her to contemplate – let alone carry out the deed, because of some unknown person behind a screen, who didn’t even know Salma but had somehow thought they had the right, the audacity to make her believe she was unworthy of her life, angered Jared to such a degree that he felt like breaking something.

Jared felt the strange connection; he felt to electrical’s stir, as he pressed down on one of the keys. He released the key immediately as his heart rate began to climb. ‘I can find this guy without my power.’ Jared thought, breathing fast. He was a computer whiz, without his powers, and he had not only helped write several programmes for NASA, he had also designed the boots, for the current spacesuits that the astronauts on the space station where wearing. He could find this guy without his power, it would take longer, but he could do it. Except he had promised his sister.

Jared eyed the screen uneasily, gathering his courage he hovered a hand over the keypad, as soon as his hand hit the keyboard – he sighed in relief. It felt like taking a deep breath after being under water for too long. He blinked rapidly as the various connections in cyberspace came alive to him, every connection was suddenly before him – he felt like he could fly.


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