Short Story: Cyber’s Ghost

Jared loved his step-sister: Jade, she was one of his favourite people in the world, so when she came to him with tears in her eyes because her best friend had tried to kill himself due to cyber bullying, he was feeling a little vengeful towards the person who had dared not only to make his sister shed tears but had also managed to make her best friend Salma feel so bad about herself that she had considered suicide.

“There just such cowards!” Jade said wiping her eyes quickly and taking a ragged breath in, she was sat on his bedroom floor, her feet folded, cradling her phone in her hands. “Salma is my best friend.”

“I know Jade, don’t worry the Doctors at the hospital will help her.” Jared said soothingly. He was sat behind his desk trying to convince himself not to do what he had sworn he would never do again.

Jade sniffled. “What do Doctors know anyway J? Nothing! Everyone at school is talking about it.” Jade said miserably.

“Your only in year eight, everyone will forget by year nine trust me, teenagers have very short memories.” Jared said turning around to look at his sister; her eyes were red rimmed and her curly hair looked like it hadn’t been combed in a week, her jeans where torn and ripped and the top she was wearing had several holes in it. She looked very scruffy sitting in his emulate, clean room.

“Please do something J!” She pleaded. “Only you can do something.”

Jared turned away from her. “You know I can’t, remember the incident?” He said quietly.

He heard a sharp intake of breath and she was silent for a long time. “I still want you to do something.” She said quietly.

Jared turned to her, he met her brown eyes and she nodded.
“Okay, I’ll do something.” Jared said quietly.


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