Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 8

Name: Gregory George James

Age: 22

Occupation: Unemployed/ Currently volunteering at a charity shop.

Evaluation: After nearly three months of therapy, Mr James has slowly re-connected with his younger sister Miss Georgiana Geneva James, on the few occasions I have met Georgiana she has been very friendly and open, she is proving very helpful in helping Mr James transition into the world. Mr James still has issues concerning his parents and coming to terms with what happened, but he is proving very adaptable, he has made an exceptional amount of progress in such a short amount of time.

The prisoner

“Good morning Luella.” Mr James says cordially as he makes himself comfortable on the sofa.

“You are looking very happy today Gregory, how was your sisters birthday celebration yesterday?” Luella says smiling.

“It went well, thank you, she liked the gift I gave her,” he pauses and his smile falters. “My auntie sent a present.”

“How do you feel about that?” Luella says carefully.

“I don’t know, I don’t think it is right to blame every single member of my family for what happened, but where were they?” He says heatedly.

“Gregory you can’t blame –”

“I’m not trying to blame them, I just…” he trails off as he blinks back tears. “The more I learn about what happened, the more,” he swallows. “They aren’t to blame a hundred per cent, right?” He asks looking up at her.

“No they aren’t.” She says softly.

“If, maybe if they had gotten help, like I did, then…” he trails off as he looks down. “I hate that I have to go to my sister’s parent’s evenings, she will never know what it is to have parents.”

“What about you?”

“I at least knew them, and they were not as bad she thinks they are. I just wish –”

“Don’t do that Gregory, Georgiana has you, finally, something bad happened to you and it wasn’t your fault. You can either allow that fact to consume and destroy you or, as you have done you can acknowledge it and try to move and grow from it.”

Gregory nods. “Life is what you make.”

“Exactly.” Luella says smiling.


One comment on “Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 8

  1. Perrycson says:

    Yea, life is how u make it. It always leads by …

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