Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 7

Name: Felicity Tavana Monroe

Age: 32

Occupation: CEO of Textiles Inc

Evaluation: After nearly three months of therapy, Ms Monroe has come to accept that what she is doing is wrong, however she can’t seem to break things off with Mr Williams. Her company has recently undergone some expansion and she is considering moving countries to get away from Mr Williams.


The businesswoman

“You look nice today Luella.” Felicity says as she comes to sit on the couch, she is in her usual pinstripe suite, her hair and make-up flawless.

“Thank you Felicity.” Luella says calmly.

“I wish I could stop, I really do, I even booked my flight to our Chicago officers, I talked to a real estate agent, I wanted to move.” Felicity takes a shuddering breath, as tears fill her eyes. “I can’t do it, how can I live without love.”

“Even if, that love is from another woman’s husband?” Luella says softly.

“Do you think I don’t want to change?” Felicity says, voice rising. “Do you? Do you think I like being miserable?”

“No, I know you want to, desperately, but you are afraid of change, you are afraid you have missed your chance at happiness somewhere down the line because you choose success and know you have to settle for a half-life.”

“A half-life? That’s what you think I’m doing?” Felicity says shuddering; she takes a tissue from the table and dabs her face.

“Felicity –” Luella begins.

“Don’t,” Felicity chokes down a sob, “I didn’t know I was capable of love, I was the smart girl at school, I’m very good at what I do, so I didn’t know I could do anything else, but I can do this, I can love him with my whole being, with all of who I am.”

“What about your guilt over his wife, his little girl?”

Felicity is silent for a few moments as she continues to wipe her face.

“I can’t stop. I don’t want him to leave his wife, I…” She hesitates. “No one finds love, love finds you and it will never let you go.”

“That is true.” Luella says softly.

Felicity smiles, “You agree with me?”


“But you still think I should leave him?”

“It is the only way, you are more capable than you realise of loving someone, isn’t it only right only fair if that love is retuned equally?”

Felicity nods as she begins to softly cry.

Luella goes and sits beside her, placing a hand around her shoulders as she supplies her with tissues.

“I guess this is goodbye then?” Felicity says.

“No, this is I will see you later, tell me when you are settled.”


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