Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 5

Name: Gregory George James

Age: 22

Occupation: Unemployed/ Currently volunteering at a charity shop.

Evaluation: After our last session Mr James was re-admitted to Saint Mungo’s Hospital for the mentally unstable and insane. The Doctors at the hospital believe he should remain there for another few weeks, to make sure he is stable before he re-joins society again. Mr James has been under constant supervision since I last saw him, his epileptic fit that he had in the middle of our session is one he hasn’t had almost two years. Aside from that Mr James has been doing well, although he has refused to speak to the nurses or Doctors about how he feels.

The prisoner

Luella stares at her surroundings in surprise; Mr James’s room is incredibly neat bordering OCD. Mr James stares at her as she looks around, knowing not to touch again.

“Let me guess you have come here to tell them to keep me in here for another year or something?” Mr James says sarcastically.

Luella meets his stare; he appears resigned as opposed to angry.

“I have asked them to release you as soon as I leave.”

Mr James starts; he appears confused for a few moments, his face appearing far younger than his twenty two years.

“You don’t think I’m crazy?” He whispers.

Luella shakes her head, “Mr James, it was I who arranged for you to be released initially.”

He is quiet for a moment then glares at her. “You can’t save me.”

“Mr James…Gregory, you don’t need saving.”

“Then why am I here?” He demands voice rising.

“Because you think you do.” Luella says finally sitting down on the only chair in his small room.

Mr James is silent for a long moment.

“Mr James, all I want to do is help you get past this traumatic event –”

“What if I can’t?”

“You can, you only think you need to hold it in because of your guilt –”

“I don’t have any –”

“Yes you do.” Luella says with feeling, leaning a little closer to Mr James. “You think because you somehow witnessed something you are responsible, you are not, if I can be frank with you Mr James?”

He nods.

“I think your parents were very selfish” he starts and Luella hesitates for a moment before continuing. “They were,” she says softly, “Instead of getting the professional help they clearly were in need of, they took matters into their own hands and so doing orphaned two children and consequently ruined their lives.”

Mr James’ breathing becomes erratic; Luella quickly goes to sit beside him.

“Breathe Gregory, just breathe, in out, in out, you can do it.”

Mr James blinks, a tear escaping as he struggles to draw a breath, Luella sits beside him for a few minutes until his breathing is under control.

“Better?” Luella says calmly.

“Thank you.” Mr James says quietly.


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