Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee part 4

Name: Felicity Tavana Monroe

Age: 32

Occupation: CEO of Textiles Inc

Evaluation: After our last session, Miss Monroe has promised to once and for all break things off with Mr Williams. She wants to make sure she is single in time for the new year, for a ‘fresh new start’. Miss Monroe’s company has recently seen an increase in profits and she is considering taking a holiday as a reward for ending her affair.

The businesswoman

“So I take it, you haven’t broken off ties with him?”

“Is that judgment in your voice?” Felicity laughs gaily, throwing her head back; her dark hair which is usually tied up, is lose today and she shakes it around as she laughs. “My, my Doctor, I am paying you not to judge me, you can sit and listen to me complain, but you must never judge me.”

Felicity continues to laugh as Luella stares at her indifferently.

“You are quite casually dressed today –”

“I was wondering when you would mention it.” Felicity laughs again, gets up and spins, the flowery dress she is wearing whirls around her, briefly revealing her underwear.

“I’m sorry,” she sits down abruptly her expression suddenly grave. “I’ll behave, I’ve just, I’m happy, it is so rare, such a rare thing to be truly happy, so happy I’m a little afraid.”

“What has made you happy?”

“You know,” Felicity says softly meeting Luella’s eyes.

“Mr Williams.”

Felicity nods, “He is the only person who can truly make me sing.” She pauses for a moment, “I can’t leave him, I know that now, it is impossible –”

“Felicity –”

“No, no don’t interrupt me; I have had a moment of clarity. I will not leave the one I love. I can’t and even if I could I can’t.”

Luella sighs as Felicity continues to stare at her defiantly.

“Felicity, what did you tell me when you first came to me?”

“Tell me Doctor have you ever been in love?”

Luella hesitates as Felicity moves closer her eyes imploring.

“Level with me please, just this once.”

Luella nods slowly.

“Then you know what I mean. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs it should be love at the top. Should it not?” She pauses and smiles. “After love everything else is extra frosting.”


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