Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee

Name: Felicity Tavana Monroe

Age: 32

Occupation: CEO of Textiles Inc

Evaluation: Miss Monroe is an incredibly successful woman, unmarried with no children; she feels her life slipping away. She has started having an illicit affair with one of her young executives Mr Eric Williams. Mr Williams has recently married his high school sweet heart; they have a little girl Marie. Felicity is struggling to break off the affair. 

The businesswoman

“I didn’t decide to start loving him. It wasn’t a conscious decision, the heart is autonomous in that respect, it doesn’t consult you before it chooses who you fall in love with. And so it makes falling out of love with them hard because you don’t know the exact reason why you love them. O you know why you like them, there kind, caring, understanding, good, handsome. But why them in particular eludes you. Especially when they are still the same, it would help if they started acting bad, but no they do things to make you love them more. And so to answer your question; no I don’t believe I’ll ever stop loving him, however much it will lessen the pain of losing him.” 


2 comments on “Short Story: Doctor Luella Lee

  1. perrycson says:

    I would love to have a full details about doc. Lee
    In fact, how bumping was ended, it wil make every reader to be thinking deeply about it. Pls, help us with your ends. Good luck.

    • Obengbia says:

      Haha, I think Bumping into you ended at the right time, I wanted to show how people sit in bus or bump into people they see all the time without talking to them. My new short story is not about the therapist but about the patients. Stay tuned for more.

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