Bumping into you part 8


It had been almost two weeks since Farid had seen Andi, even though he had looked for her every day.

“Hey!” A voice said behind him.

Farid turned around in surprise.

“Where have you been hiding?”

Andi smiled her hands full of files, she seemed like she was about to fall over from the sheer weight of it.

“I have a new job.” She said a little breathlessly, still struggling with the files.

“Here let me help you.” He said bending to relieve some of her burden.

“So we probably won’t be bumping into each other anymore.” She said softly.

“That’s a shame I always enjoy our morning chats.” He paused as they stared at each other, “You know I owe you dinner” he said following her to her door.

“That’s okay, really fine.” She said breathlessly struggling to open her door.

“No I insist.” He said holding her gaze for a moment, “I’ll pick you up at eight on Friday.” He smiled as she nodded.


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