Bumping into you part 4


Andi couldn’t believe it, she had spoken more than one word to her perfect stranger, she did a little happy dance in her tiny kitchen. She allowed herself a genuine grin, her first smile of the day, her two bosses had taken out their ire on her; they had lost a case. Andi sighed as she went to sit behind her laptop and began the tireless search for jobs again.


Andi smiled as she applied an extra layer of lip gloss, with a day of interview lined up, this was going to be a perfect day, a quick glance at the time had her racing out the door; she would miss her perfect stranger if she didn’t leave now.

Andi’s heart fluttered, he was there somehow taller, he was talking on the phone quite rapidly in French.

“Yes, my fiancé will pick it” he said impatiently.

Andi stopped dead and closed her eyes briefly, her French wasn’t the best, but he had said that in English.

As if he had sensed her he looked around, their eyes met, and for the first time she hated the breathless feeling his gaze inspired in her. She smiled however and waved. He turned back and kept up his rapid French and pace, a few times slipping into English. So much for her perfect day.


2 comments on “Bumping into you part 4

  1. perrycson says:

    Is that all …

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