Bumping into you part 3


“Aren’t you ready to sell this place yet Farei?”

Farid shook his head, “Call me sentimental, I love the cramped conditions” Farid laughed as he imagined the look on Penny’s face.

“Well I’m coming over anyway, be there in ten babe”

“Okay” Farid looked up just in time to see the beautiful face almost hidden amongst messy curly brown hair so dark it looked black, she was rifling around in her bag, no doubt searching for her keys.

It would help if she put her keys in a particular place’ he thought as he watched her, she wasn’t overtly attractive like Penny, but there was an innocent trustworthiness in her face that attracted him, he really didn’t understand it.

“Lost your keys again?” He called out impulsively, she looked up; her deep brown eyes surprising him with their depth, she smiled hesitantly; then very slowly nodded.

“Just found them” she said softly, waving her keys around.


2 comments on “Bumping into you part 3

  1. perrycson says:

    it is becoming more interesting, I really love it & wish it been posted daily.

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